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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wish List: Office Wear Edition

As I've mentioned, I've recently started a new office-based job. All my previous work has been in retail or in cafes, so this is all new to me! I struggled at first with deciding what to wear, but I've got a few outfits worked out now which I have on rotation; I figure there's not much point buying many new clothes for such a temporary job. If I were working in an office long-term, though, these are some of the things I'd love to wear!

It's exceptionally rare that I like Topshop clothing; this is one of those rare occasions and I still think this dress is extremely over-priced. Nonetheless, this is a gorgeous colour and an on-trend piece with the peplum detailing and exposed zip in the back.

I'd wear these over black opaque tights with a white blouse for a smart/casual office outfit. They're actually a bit on the short side for me but I love the style!

I love pretty blouses and this is no exception; the delicate print and the contrast of the collar/neckline is perfect. My only concern would be that it's a little low-cut and/or sheer for work, so I may be tempted to wear it with a pretty lacy camisole underneath!

I've never been a fan of blacks and greys, so a jacket like this would be perfect to brighten up a plain top and trousers, whilst still being office-appropriate. This jacket comes in seven colours so there's something for everyone!

Ah, the classic black court shoe; timeless and elegant, heels are a must for those like me with short legs! The hidden platform allows you an extra couple of inches and means you don't have to get all your trousers taken up - which make them well worth the investment in my opinion ;D

A variation on the traditional pencil skirt, this lovely dress would need some bright accessories for me but would be the perfect staple piece for wearing with a statement necklace and a look-at-me bag!

Which is your favourite piece? How do you like to dress for work? What would your dream work outfit involve? I'm not sure if mine would be my pyjamas, or a fabulous party dress with some ridiculously high but ridiculously pretty shoes...
You can check out my basic office make-up here!



  1. I will probably sound crazy now but office wear is one of my favourite things to shop for! (Until I remember I'm only 4'11" and my options are dramatically reduced down to a few items in the petite ranges at generic department stores!)

    I pretty much only wear dresses or pencil skirts which usually comes as a compelte shock to most as I've been a tom-boy for most of my life and practially LIVE in jeans.

    I love grey suits and have a beautiful pencil skirt/jacket combo which actually came from M&S! It's perfectly fitted and is timeless.

    I however HATE HATE HATE white shirts...basically I am bless with curves and its nigh impossible to fit 28H boobs into a plain white work shirt so I will ALWAYS opt for a colourful shirt or blouse which instantly brightens up a grey or black suit!

    My favourite is a sleeveless pink blouse with pussybow neckline that I got from New Look last summer, that combined with my grey pencil skirt and jacket is my all time favourite office outfit - saved for special meetings and interviews!

    (PS. I also hate navy suits...not sure why...)

    I like to think I'm quite lucky with my job not starting until March 2014, as I have to go to law school first, I have PLENTY of time to buy my office wardrobe :D

    I just hope I don't grow in the meantime - upwards out outwards!!!

    The blazer dress and shoes are what I would tend to go for out of what you've picked. I like to jazz up my black fitted dresses with bright cardigans! Also means it can be more easily transformed into a going out evening for after work :)

    1. You may sound a little crazy.. But that's okay, you'll fit right in here! :P I've been giving this some thought, I think office wear is one of my favourite things to shop for too, I find it fits me much better than casual wear, a lot of the time! xo
      PS, Aww you're tiny! Hehe.

  2. I really love that blue peplum dress!

  3. Ahhh peplum's its just a classic trend you can't help but love :) I'm a particular fan of peplum tops, simply because you could wear them with smart trousers for work & easily slip on a pair of jeans & heels to carry through to the night.
    Also LOVE that H&M jacket.. they have some fabulous things in stock at the moment & really reasonably priced!
    Loved everything on this post, you have amazing taste!


    1. See, this is my downfall - I never think about how clothing can multi-task! I didn't like the peplum trend at first but it's really grown on me now, it's so flattering! xo

  4. I love them all actually but as I personally live in dresses I'd say the two dresses are my fave. I also love the shoes but doubt I could walk in them! Xx

    1. Haha there's not a chance I could walk in them either - the beauty of a desk job, eh!? ;D xo

    2. This is exactly what I was thinking!!! Tbh I always walk to work in flats and have my shoes in a desk drawer hahaha!

  5. I adore the purple blazer and shoes you've chosen. I find that Zara is absolutely the best when it comes to chic workwear and the quality is seriously worth the price tag too :) x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  6. I love that polka dot blouse :)



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