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Monday, 24 September 2012

Review: Boots Botanics Shine Away Day Cream

Boots have recently given their Botanics range an overhaul, introducing a pretty new floral style of packaging as well as changing a few of their products. To celebrate the new look, they held a few introductory offers, so I picked up this Mattifying Day Cream with SPF 15. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm endlessly on the hunt for something to stop my skin being so shiny, so this sounded ideal!

"This mattifying day cream moisturiser is designed for oily to combination skin. Enriched with clarifying willowbark, it has all-day shine control, hydrates and protects, with 5* UVA Protection."
I love the new packaging, with the sleek white box and pretty floral design. I was disappointed to see that this doesn't carry through once you open the box though; the pot itself is just plain white with no embellishment or decoration - it's actually quite boring and clinical-looking. I know it's what's inside that counts, but pretty packaging never hurt anyone!

The cream itself is quite thick but light in texture, and white in colour. It has a slight scent to it, difficult to identify but almost citrussy - I really like the scent, although it doesn't linger on the skin. It applies well, sinking in quickly and leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and mattified, not greasy in the slightest. My make-up applies nicely over this moisturiser, though I usually leave it a couple of minutes before applying my primer and foundation to allow it to soak in fully. But does it live up to its shine-control claims?

This leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and I really like that it contains SPF. Unfortunately, for me this just isn't a shine-control product; I can't see any difference by lunchtime between using this day cream and my usual moisturiser (Simple, for the record). I still have definite shine across my whole T Zone and on my cheeks as well - even with a mattifying primer, I still need to touch up with powder three or four times a day. I do have extremely oily skin, particularly in my T Zone, so if your oily skin is less severe then this may be effective. For me, the search for matte skin continues!
Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream With SPF 15 is available in store or online, priced at £3.33 for 50ml - it's not a bad price for the product, and it does work well as a moisturiser, so it's worth having a go if you have oily skin!
Do you use a mattifying moisturiser? Have you had any more luck than me?



  1. Great post!


  2. Would you recommend it for combo skin? xx


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