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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Review: MUA Primer

I've been off work today with a nasty, violent cold (I'm not the type of person to have days off for a cold so you know it's bad - headache, sore throat, exhausted and achy..) and I've spent most of the day asleep. I'm feeling much better now, touch wood, as I have to go down to Sheffield tomorrow for my Induction day, which will be a five-hour round train journey - fun! As I've mentioned, I'm starting a Masters course in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience soon and I'm super excited. I'm also meeting a couple of friends for lunch before I head into Uni, so hopefully I'll be feeling fine by tomorrow morning.
I was in my local Superdrug recently, and felt a stab of horror when I realised that their MUA stand had vanished! Thankfully, I soon realised that this was because it had been replaced with a shiny new one, now also stocking the MUA Pro range - yay! I stocked up on a few bits and pieces, so you'll be seeing a few MUA reviews over the coming weeks. Today, I'm talking about the Primer from the MUA Pro range.

Presented in a glossy black tube with silver writing, in keeping with the rest of the MUA Pro range, my first impressions of this product were that it looks much more expensive than the £4 it cost me. This Primer claims to, "Flawlessly even out complexion: A velvety smooth formula that feels light on your skin and creates a flawless even complexion. Wear alone or under foundation for a long-lasting finish."

Squeezed out of the tube, this is a very wet, quite runny white cream. It spreads out over the skin nicely and is easy to work in - I just use clean fingers to rub it gently into moisturised skin. Unlike a few primers I've tried, this doesn't have a strong scent, which makes it pleasant to apply, and the texture of it is lovely too. As you can see, once rubbed in the Primer leaves a slightly wet, shiny finish, but this quickly dries to leave a smooth, velvety, and beautifully matte base for my make-up. It's a lightweight formula which really does feel like you're not wearing make-up! The primer isn't enough alone for my skin so I do always wear foundation over it, but if you just needed to fade out fine lines or enlarged pores, this may be perfect for you on its own.

I've been wearing this under MUA's Matte Foundation, which I'll be reviewing soon, and find that it creates a really lovely smooth, natural looking finish on my skin, flawless without looking like I'm wearing make-up. It works well to prolong the wear of my foundation, although I do have to top up with powder around lunchtime, and I haven't had any problems with it going patchy or weird after a few hours. Overall, I really enjoy using this Primer.
MUA Pro's Primer is available from Superdrug or from the MUA Webstore, priced at £4 for 27ml.
This is definitely one of the best primers I've tried, and I'll almost certainly be repurchasing once I run out. Have you tried MUA's Primer? What's your favourite primer?


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