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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Real Techniques Powder Brush

As I mentioned in my Birthday Hauling post, I recently treated myself to the Real Techniques Powder Brush, as the powder brush I'd been using previously was reaching the end of its days. A couple of people asked if I could do a review of the RT Powder Brush, so here are my thoughts!
Like all of the Real Techniques brushes, the Powder Brush comes packaged in a clear plastic packet so you can easily see what you're buying. The packaging tells you clearly what the brush is used for and provides a web address to get further tips.

Out of the packaging, the brush has a large, super-fluffy head, with a sleek bronze-coloured handle and rubberised end part, which is flat-bottomed so as to also act as a stand. I've found this very useful when applying my make-up as it means you can put the brush down if you need to, without getting powder everywhere.


The dense, fluffy bristles mean that you pick up the perfect amount of product and make applying it a pleasure - it's so easy to blend for a flawless look. I'd read a couple of reviews suggesting that the only problem with this brush lies in cleaning it, as it apparently takes ages to dry. However, I've cleaned this and had no such problems; in fact, it dries faster than many of my eyeshadow brushes! As long as I squeeze all the excess water out carefully once it's clean, it's dry within a few hours.
Overall, this is a really lovely brush to add to my collection, does exactly what it should and is functional as well as attractive. I'd recommend this without hesitation and look forward to picking up some more of the Real Techniques collection!
The Real Techniques Powder Brush is available from Boots, priced at £12.99, or from this Amazon seller for £10.99 (please note I haven't bought from this seller so cannot comment on them).
Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? Which is your favourite? I think the next one on my wishlist is the Kabuki Brush!!


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  1. This looks really soft and easy to blend!
    Erica xo

    www.sushiturtlesandlife.blogspot.com Have you seen my vintage giveaway?


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