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Monday, 8 October 2012

Review: ChitChat Highlighter and Cheek Tint

I've reviewed some ChitChat products before, including their Juicy Lipsticks, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple more of their products; a liquid highlighter, and a cheek tint. I have heard whispers that these products are dupes for those of Benefit, however I don't own the Benefit counterparts to comment on that; I'm just sharing my thoughts on these items.

Both come in small glass bottles with white screw-top caps and a small applicator brush. The first thing to note is that the Cheek Tint had leaked slightly in transit, so these might not be the best products for travelling with. They come packaged in pretty but simple cellophane wrapping, and clearly state on the bottles what the products are. I like the packaging generally, although obviously the leaky Cheek Tint is a problem.

The highlighter is a pearly pale-pink creamy liquid which blends out with the fingers beautifully to lend a subtle shimmer to the skin; it's perfect for highlighting the cheekbones or browbones, scultping your face without looking like a glitter explosion. I really like this product and, although the brush isn't great, that doesn't really matter as you just use it to dot the highlighter onto your face, before blending in with your fingers. It's lovely for making you look fresh-faced, glowy and healthy, and is a product I'd repurchase.

Unfortunately, I was less impressed with the Cheek Tint, as I found that once rubbed into the skin it simply disappears, not leaving any noticeable colour. I had the same problem when I tried it on my lips, along with the fact that it doesn't taste very nice - although it isn't a lip product, so that's perhaps my own fault! In theory it's a good idea and it does mean you don't end up with bright red dots where you've applied it, but I just don't feel I gain anything from this product and it's not one I'll be buying again.
Do you own any of the Benefit Tints? If you own both, how do you think they compare?



  1. Thats a bit disappointing Try Smashbox O-Glow. I love it, but I do use more blush on top.
    I'll do a blog post and show you! :)
    Erica xo


  2. I'll have to look out for it - look forward to your post too ;D xo

  3. Cheek n lip tint from 2ture is an outstanding product,I prefer the rose one from superdrug its only £1.99 but it has to be my favorite cheek product is surprisingly better than the benefit one!

    When applying this I put a small dot on my index finger and appy it to ny cheek any cheek tint will dry in a matter of seconds so be quick applying and don't use any brushes.
    Good luck xx

  4. Ps:i have tried the chit chat one and it us rubbish compared to it. xxx


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