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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DIY: Fridge Magnets

I was at a bit of a loss for what to do with the little rounded stickers I bought from Accessorize in their sale, and then I was struck by inspiration! FRIDGE MAGNETS. So, I duly ordered some craft magnets off eBay and patiently awaited their arrival. Armed with some Superglue, this is what happened.
 photo Fridge_Magnet_DIY_zps38704cf4.jpg

I put a blob of Superglue on the back of a magnet... Stuck a sticker so it was roughly central... And balanced them in the grooves in the table to dry.
 photo Fridge_Magnet_DIY2_zpsae567d54.jpg
 photo Fridge_Magnet_DIY3_zpsc5f84820.jpg

I hope you got all that. You might want to read it a couple of times before you try it yourself, it's a complicated process. Just remember that they're magnets, so don't leave them too close together as they may attract/repel each other which could damage them! Altogether, this cost me less than £3 to make 16 magnets, and I have some spare magnets left over - the stickers were £1.25 in Accessorize's sale, the magnets were £1.50 for 25, and the Superglue came from Poundland in a pack of four bottles.
 photo Fridge_Magnet_DIY4_zpsa0472191.jpg

Ta-dah! Fridge magnets. How cute are these? I think this would work equally well with any small objects, as long as they're flat-backed so you've got a good surface to glue. I wouldn't try to hold up a massive amount of stuff with these as the magnets aren't amazingly strong, but they're perfect for leaving little notes and reminders, keeping track of vouchers and receipts, and sticking up the kids' artwork! Let me know if you give this a go, I'd love to see how you get on.
Oh, and yes, that is a set of Scrabble fridge magnets mid-game on our fridge. I'm winning, obviously. (I actually have no idea who's winning, we've lost track it's been going on that long, but I assume it's me!)



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