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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lancaster Castle

I should really, really be writing the essay which is due tomorrow and still has around 800 words to go, plus a whole load of editing and referencing. Thing is, my attention span isn't that great. So I thought I'd just pop up a quick post to share some photos I took this morning; I ended up stuck in Lancaster waiting for a train because National Rail think no-one wants to go anywhere on a Sunday morning. I had an hour and a half to kill and no shops were open, so I wandered up to the castle with my camera. These aren't the best photos, but it was pretty cloudy and I'm not the best photographer! It's a lovely place, though, and I do recommend going up for a look round if you're in the area. I promise it's worth the hill!

 photo LancasterCastle_zps933a5a6d.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle2_zps53f5b704.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle3_zpseb61a192.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle4_zps2fd9a160.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle6_zps4f729516.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle7_zps0881256b.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle8_zps26f94375.jpg
 photo LancasterCastle9_zpsf0ac420a.jpg
[Cobbled street up to the castle - the front of the castle - the main doors - tower - pretty ivied window - from the side - snowdrops just starting to push through - I love the coat of arms on this sign!]

Have you ever visited Lancaster Castle? Is there a similar place close to where you live? I love old buildings, I often go up to the castle with smoothies with my friends in the summer!



  1. Love these photos Jess, theres loads of castles and nice old buildings near where I live xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. Arh this are really nice photos, I love pictures of old castles and enchanted settings - sounds lame but I just find it really cool!



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