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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review: Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands

 photo Yes_Nurse_Tube_Front_zps871efc58.jpg
As I've mentioned previously on Just Jess, I suffer from eczema, and recently it's been getting worse. I mainly suffer in my elbows and the backs of my knees, and also on my hands. Obviously, the hands are the most troublesome, as it can really limit what I can do. I often find my hands are so dry that the skin literally just cracks, which takes a few days to heal and really is quite painful. I've tried a number of hand creams over the years and whilst I'm sure they're all fab for your average person, I've found that for me they just don't cut the mustard. More recently, I've been looking a little bit further into what ingredients my products contain, and attempting to cut out a few key offenders. I'm going to do a more detailed post on this in a few weeks, once I can see whether it's making any difference, but today I want to share this hand cream with you. It's produced by a company called Yes! Nurse, who make Protect Your Lovely Hands to, well, protect the lovely hands of nurses, who often tend to suffer due to the frequent hand-washing required by working in the healthcare sector. Yes! Nurse are a British-based company who use lots of lovely natural ingredients for their moisturising, healing and protecting properties.

 photo Yes_Nurse_Outer_Box_zps69e12038.jpg
 photo Yes_Nurse_Inner_Box1_zpsd37eebe5.jpg
 photo Yes_Nurse_Inner_Box_2_zps1e39944e.jpg
Each tube comes packaged beautifully in a little cardboard box with a super-cute illustration - obviously, this is most relevant to their direct target audience of nurses, but I still think it's a lovely touch. The product itself comes in a white plastic squeezy tube with a flip-cap. They claim, "Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula is a fast absorbing, non-greasy emollient. It actively hydrates and replenishes the skin's natural defences against the harsh effects of constant hand washing. Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount to clean, dry hands regularly. Massage well into the skin, then put your feet up and relax... We wish!"

 photo Yes_Nurse_Tube_Back_zpsbf6c6a9a.jpg
A pea-sized amount really is enough, and I have to agree with the fast-absorbing and non-greasy claims, as well - this is absolutely lovely to use, sinking in fast and giving your hands the moisture hit they need. I'm a bit of a hand cream fiend and probably apply hand cream eight or ten times a day, I've been using this tube for about two weeks and there's still plenty left, although I do alternate with other products. This lives in my desk drawer so it's seeing pretty frequent use!

 photo Yes_Nurse_Hand_zps4da57104.jpg

Since using this and cutting out a couple of other hand creams with some less-than-ideal ingredients, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my hands. They're still dry and prone to itchiness, but there's been less of the skin-splitting and a dab of this cream is enough to soothe my skin. This is a little more than I'd usually spend on a hand cream but I honestly think it's worth it - there's no point wasting money on a product that doesn't work, after all! I'll be repurchasing this for sure.
You can purchase Protect Your Lovely Hands direct from Yes! Nurse, who offer a monthly subscription service if you find you're getting through it, or from FeelUnique.co.uk at £5.49 for 50ml.
Have you tried Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula? What's your favourite hand cream?



  1. This sounds lovely- and a good price! I love the packaging it comes in. Does it have a scent to it?
    Daniella x


  2. This looks so nice, I really love the packaging, attention to detail like that always makes a product extra lovely! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I love the packaging, one of my friends gets really sore hands, must pass this on :) xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. I have this! I love it!

  5. Has to be one of my favourite hand creams



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