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Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Empties

 photo FebruaryEmpties3_zps62db96d3.jpg
I really enjoyed saving up my January Empties and found it really interesting to see what I use up over the course of a month, so I thought I'd carry on for a couple of months and see how it goes. These are the products I've managed to use up in February!

 photo FebruaryEmpties_zps87aa75ea.jpg
Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner I was using this in place of my regular conditioner a couple of times a week, just to try and inject a bit of moisture into my hair. Since I bought this, however, I've discovered my beloved Tresemme Keratin Smooth Masque and the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, so it's become a little redundant. It's still a lovely conditioner which smells gorgeous and leaves my hair feeling soft.
Repurchase? Possibly, if it's on offer.
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream This was a magazine freebie last year and has been on my bathroom shelf for use after washing my hands. I really enjoyed using this as it smells lovely and fresh and moisturised my hands really well. It's a lovely indulgent treat.
Repurchase? Probably not unless it's on offer or I have a voucher.
Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo This is a staple for me unless I want to wash my hair every day. There's not much to say about it really, it does the job and smells like sunshine. I tend to stock up when it's on offer as I know I'll get through it.
Repurchase? Always!
Superdrug Dry Skin Relief Lotion Again, I just use this after showering to try to hydrate my legs. It seems to do the job and it smells like sambuca! It's cheap and cheerful and soaks into the skin nice and quickly.
Repurchase? Yes

 photo FebruaryEmpties2_zpsf5d45e1d.jpg
The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter I bought this in the January sales and I've been using it most days to hydrate my legs, especially after shaving. It smells amazing, like ginger beer, and I bought a back-up while it was still available. If The Body Shop re-release this Limited Edition next Christmas, I am THERE! As an aside, how cute is the little gingerbread man on the packaging!?
Repurchase? Limited Edition, but if it becomes available again then definitely!
Possibility Raspberry Pavlova Bubble Bath & Shower Gel I picked this up in Poundworld because it smells amazing, but I ended up barely using it as it wreaked havoc with my eczema. My boyfriend and the kids have used it up though!
Repurchase? Not a chance
Marshmallow Blends AppleJack Frost Sugar Scrub Cubes This is actually the last of my Marshmallow Blends stash, but I'm not allowing myself to place another order until I've used up a considerable amount more products! I love these cubes for a little bit of a stronger exfoliation, as they're a bit harsher than, say, the Caramel Cupcake Scrub was. They also smell delicious, like cinnamon and apples.
Repurchase? Yes, although maybe a different scent.
Gillette Satin Care Radiant Apricot Shave Gel One of life's essentials, this smells lovely and fruity and doesn't irritate my skin. It makes it easy to get a nice close shave and doesn't clog my razor up. I always repurchase either this or the purple berry one, they're often on offer in Boots or Superdrug so I tend to stock up when they are as I know I get through about a can a month.
Repurchase? Yes.
Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands Hand Cream I loved this, it did a great job of moisturising my nasty chapped, dry hands and doesn't contain any nasties. It comes in gorgeous packaging and has lasted me the best part of two months, which I think is good going considering it's been in my desk drawer, getting used at least two or three times a day, often much more.
Repurchase? Yes.

So, that's what I've managed to polish off in February! Have you done an Empties post? Let me know in the comments, I love having a nosey!
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NOTD: Accessorize Speckle 'Leopard Moth'

I've got quite a few of Accessorize's Speckle polishes but I don't think I've ever shared any on here; that will all change today! My nails are currently graced with three coats of 'Leopard Moth', a white base with small navy-blue hex glitter. Although I love how this looks, part of me thinks it might work better as just one coat over a white base polish, for a more subtle effect and so that the glitter showed through better. This applied really nicely, drying pretty quickly, with no streaking or dragging. I apologise for the tipwear in these photos; I'd only had the polish on literally overnight, it chips so easily without topcoat, and I didn't want to smooth over the glitter as I think the slightly rough finish adds to the effect.
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth4_zpsa8c1eb07.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth3_zps169f2047.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth2_zps6433fbb4.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth_zpsdc51431a.jpg

'Leopard Moth' is available as part of Accessorize's Speckle collection from Superdrug (currently all Accessorize cosmetics are on 3 for 2). Do you own any of these Speckled polishes? What do you think of glitter polishes with coloured bases like this? I can't decide whether I prefer them to a clear base or not!


Monday, 25 February 2013

Focus On: Joe Browns

Joe Browns is a company I've known and loved for several years now - I love to flick through their catalogue every season and without fail, there's at least a couple of pieces I absolutely adore. I've never had any problems ordering with them, and everything I've bought from them has always been great quality. I love that they have a great range of clothing and accessories, which are just a little bit different to what you find on the high street. Browsing their current season catalogue at my mum's at the weekend, I knew I had to share some of the gorgeous items they're currently stocking - here are just a few of my favourites!
 photo JoeBrowns1_zps207bfcbc.jpg

 photo JoeBrowns2_zps7ddad342.jpg

 photo JoeBrowns3_zps70260548.jpg

 photo JoeBrowns4_zpsfdf23d0c.jpg
Have you ever shopped with Joe Browns? Which is your favourite piece? I just love the Floral Peep Toe Ballerinas, they're so summery and perfect for dressing up or down. I can also see myself ending up with the Summer Picnic Dress, I may have dropped several heavy hints to my mum...


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque

 photo MontagneJeunesseAntiStress_zps8e12b09d.jpg

I've got another Montagne Jeunesse face mask review today; this is another from a selection I was kindly sent to review a while ago now. The Cucumber Peel-Off claims to, "gently peel away dead skin. Find a fresher face when you peel away our purifying mask; the ideal gentle peel specially formulated for problem & t-zone skin. Removes impurities and dead cells whilst cleaning and reviving the skin." The mask contains cucumber (obviously), which soothes, cools and calms the skin with its high content of Vitamins A & C. Meanwhile, Ginseng, Jasmine and Evening Primrose help to hydrate, rejuvenate, repair, and provide anti-aging properties.

 photo MontagneJeunesseAntiStress2_zps46257601.jpg

This is a thick green gel which spreads easily over the face, with a slight fresh scent and a gently tingling sensation. It's easy to apply and the 10ml sachet contains just the right amount to cover the face and neck. I waited about 15 minutes, as per the instructions, before gently peeling off - as you can see in my slightly scary action shot below! As always, I really enjoyed trying to peel the mask off in one big piece, and once I'd washed off any stray left-over bits, my skin was left feeling smooth and hydrated.

 photo MontagneJeunesseAntiStress3_zps07eccc6d.jpg

Priced at £1.09 for a 10ml sachet, Montagne Jeunesse facemasks are available from Asda, Boots, and many other large retailers, as well as direct from the Montagne Jeunesse website. Like all their products, this mask is suitable for vegetarians, BUAV-approved, and contains natural ingredients wherever possible, so you can be sure you're not putting anything harmful onto your face.
I'm not sure that I'd repurchase this specific mask as I don't feel it's worked wonders for my skin like some of the other Montagne Jeunesse masks, but for the price it's lovely as a little treat for your skin. Which is your favourite Montagne Jeunesse face mask? Have you tried the Cucumber Peel-Off?

(This product was sent to me in return for an honest review. The post contains my own thoughts and opinions, as always.)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spending Ban?!

 photo PiggyBank2_zps8966a0ab.jpg
I am sad to say, the time has finally come for me to officially embark upon a spending ban. I'm not going crazy and aiming for 100 days or anything like that - I'm just aiming not to spend uneccessarily in the month of March. I'm setting myself a few rules so that I know what is and isn't allowed, and I'm going to try to post a few updates on Just Jess so that you can help to keep me on track!
  1. ABSOLUTELY no purchasing of clothes, accessories, makeup, or nail polish. I DO NOT need any of this - there is no chance of me running out during the course of the month. Not even a tiny risk. No matter what I say, do not let me buy any of these things!
  2. No purchasing of books (including eBooks!), magazines, or music.
  3. No impulse-buying of things for our house.
  4. No buying of food at Uni, or whilst travelling to and from Uni. Tea is allowed, but only if I've also taken my Thermos and drunk it all.
  5. No chocolate. This is the one that might just kill me.
I am allowed to spend on the following, although sensibly:
  1. Gifts (FOR OTHER PEOPLE) - it's Mother's Day on March 10th, and my boyfriend's birthday at the start of April, so I'll have a couple of presents to buy, and that's okay.
  2. Essentials such as shampoo, body lotion & cleanser - I'm unlikely to run out of any of these, but should I need to purchase any of them, then I can.
  3. Obviously, things like food and groceries are allowed, and I never buy anything extravagant in those categories anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue.
So it's pretty straight-forward - I won't be buying anything I don't need. I'm hoping this will help me get my spending habits back on track and show me how much money I'm throwing away every month. I'll try to keep track of any slip-ups, although I'm hoping there'll be none of those, and the things that have made it hard for me.
 photo PiggyBank_zps02575430.jpg

Have any of you ever completed a spending ban? Do you have any words of wisdom to share before I get underway with this challenge?


Friday, 22 February 2013

Recipe: Mocha Sandwich Cake

Today I have a recipe for you, although I wasn't really planning to blog about it so I'm afraid I don't have any in-progress photos. It's really straightforward though so if you want to give it a go, then just go for it! I love coffee cake but didn't have a recipe, so I made this one up by adapting a basic sponge cake recipe and playing around until it worked okay. The same went for the buttercream, although really it's just chocolate buttercream thinned with coffee essence as well as the milk.

 photo MochaSandwichCake3_zps245bc2c3.jpg
Start by creaming together 100 butter or margarine, and 100g caster sugar. Once pale and fluffy, add two eggs, one at a time, followed by 100g self-raising flour. Mix until combined, before adding 2tbsp coffee essence. You could use instant coffee dissolved in a little water instead, but I haven't tried this so you might have to play around with the strength & quantity.
Once mixed, transfer into two greased 7" sandwich cake tins, smooth the tops, and pop in the oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes, until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean, or the cakes spring back when gently pressed.
Leave to cool in the tins for five minutes, then transfer to wire cooling racks to cool completely.
Meanwhile, make the buttercream; start by beating 100g butter until smooth and white. Then, mix together 300g icing sugar and 40g cocoa powder, and gradually add to the butter, beating constantly. Mix 1tbsp coffee essence with 2tbsp milk and add to the frosting slowly - you might not need it all, or you may need to add a little more.
Spread half the frosting on top of one cake, then sandwich the two halves together before topping with the rest of the frosting.

 photo MochaSandwichCake2_zps1a169695.jpg
 photo MochaSandwichCake_zpscd9eb2fa.jpg

This is perfect with a cuppa in the afternoon, or really just whenever you fancy a slice of cake - if that's not all the time then you are broken. Let me know how you get on if you give this a whirl, and enjoy!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Mini Boots Haul

Oh, Boots. You'll bankrupt me, one of these days. I only went in to look at the Rimmel Apocolips stand. The shades left on offer were limited, and all had been opened, so I didn't buy any. I did, however, end up spending £35 on other things - whoops!

 photo BootsHaulFeb133_zps80198eb4.jpg
I love Batiste Tropical - it featured in my Top 12 Products of 2012 post and it's still a firm favourite. I always stock up  when it's on offer as I know I'm always going to use it so it makes sense. Currently all Batiste is on 3 for 2, so these cost me £5.98 for the three.

 photo BootsHaulFeb132_zpsa05b8477.jpg
As I mentioned in my January Empties post, I'm trying to cut out products containing SLS and parabens, and shampoo is one thing I've been struggling to find. These Naked products were on offer at 2 for £6, so I thought I'd give them a try, and went for the Jojoba Oil Silky Conditioner and the Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo, both aimed at long/straight hair - I'll pop a review post up once I've started using them, as I still have some Tresemm√© to use up.

 photo BootsHaulFeb13_zps6606e44f.jpg
Finally, I had some vouchers from my Soap & Glory Best of All set to use, including a 500 bonus Advantage points with a £15 spend on S&G cosmetics, so I had a little browse and ended up going for the Kick Ass Concealer in 'Light' (£10) and Show Good Face Foundation in 'The Fairest of Them All' (£11).
I seriously need to stop spending money now, it's getting ridiculous! I did need a new foundation and I am coming to the end of my current concealer, which I didn't love, so I'm telling myself it's justified, but even so. NO MORE SPENDING. Have you been making any cheeky purchases lately? Have you got your hands on any of the Rimmel Apocolips?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wishlist: Olive Orchid | Marc B x ASOS

Marc B are hosting a blogger competition in association with ASOS. To enter, all you have to do is produce a collage of an outfit including a bag from Marc B's new season collection and pieces from ASOS - more details are available on the ETailPR blog. This is my entry, I hope you like the pieces I chose!

 photo MarcBWishlist_zps9361fd5f.jpg
7. Whistles Orchid Print Shift Dress, £155

I centred my outfit around the bag and the shoes; I love the casual style of the bag, which is big enough to carry all life's essentials but still has a nice shape. The shoes are a statement piece without being over the top, hitting the studded trend in a nude shade which would go with anything. I chose the Whistles dress as it's quite an unusual piece and I think it would complement the shoes perfectly. I topped it off with the leather-look jacket in a nude colour to match the shoes, which would make this outfit perfect for a Spring date or day out. Finally, I accessorised with a couple of pretty bracelets and a deep red lip, courtesy of Illamasqua's 'Immodest'.
What do you think? Do you like the pieces I chose? If you've posted an entry to this challenge, let me know, because as always I'm a nosey girl and love seeing what other people have gone for!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NOTD: Ridley Road

It's been a while since I've posted a NOTD, mainly because I've been neglecting my nails a little recently and I've not had anything interesting to share. I picked up a couple of polishes from Barry M's new releases last week, though, including 'Ridley Road' from the Textured Effects collection. I basically bought this out of curiosity, just to see what it was like. In the bottle, it's a lovely minty green colour, which is one of my favourite shades to wear on my nails, especially for Spring. It applied really nicely, two coats was plenty and they dried reasonably quickly; the second coat was, however, a little harder to apply due to the gritty finish of the first. The finish is strange, but not unpleasant. Touching it feels like stroking medium-grade sandpaper, and it looks like that too to be honest. It's unusual and gives a slightly edgier finish to what would otherwise be a pretty, pastel manicure. I think this may chip quite easily as you can't add a topcoat without losing the textured effect, but other than that I really like it and I can see myself picking up a couple of the other shades available.
 photo BarryMRidleyRoad3_zps7e176ab4.jpg
 photo BarryMRidleyRoad_zpsa4722379.jpg
 photo BarryMRidleyRoad2_zps3c0297ae.jpg

Do you own any of the Textured Finish polishes? What do you think - are you a fan of all the new finishes, or are you a gloss girl at heart? These are currently available at 2 for £6 from Superdrug, along with the Gelly Hi-Shine collection, so now is a good time to grab a couple!


Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss

One of the items I received in my Soap & Glory Best of All set before Christmas was a Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in the shade 'Punch Bowl'. It was, in fact, the only item I wasn't super excited about, as I hate lipglosses as a rule. Nonetheless, I decided that since I love Soap & Glory so much, it must be worth a try. You may think this review is a little biased by my lipgloss hatred, but I did try to give a balanced view...

 photo SoapAndGlorySexyMotherpuckerPunchbowl2_zpsfce32be2.jpg
In the tube, I love the shade - a good start, surely!? The packaging is standard lipgloss attire, a clear plastic tube with a screw cap which unscrews to reveal a doefoot applicator. The lipgloss itself is thick and gloopy, which made me doubtful. Sure enough, it goes onto the lips very thickly, and has a peculiar smell which I really dislike. I can't really describe it but I know I don't like it.

 photo SoapAndGlorySexyMotherpuckerPunchbowl3_zpsf7cd01c0.jpg
Once on, it gives a good amount of colour with a glossy finish, and the colour is true to the tube, but it is intensely sticky - everything I hate in a lipgloss. I do think it lives up to its lip-plumping claims and I can definitely feel a tingling sensation in my lips, which last for about fifteen minutes after applying. Sadly, that's also as long as the colour lasts - I'd really hope for longer after I've put up with the smell and the stickiness. Unfortunately, even after the colour has faded, my lips still feel distinctly tacky.

 photo SoapAndGlorySexyMotherpuckerPunchbowl4_zps319fac6f.jpg
 photo SoapAndGlorySexyMotherpuckerPunchbowl_zpsedf32579.jpg
[Other products used: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer; Miss Sporty Matte Perfect Stay Foundation in Shade 02 'Light'; Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Shade 02 'Barely There'; Jemma Kidd Palette in 'Rose' (eyeshadow & blush); Body Shop Cheek Colour in Shade 1 'Blush Pink']

All in all, this was not a good experience for me. I keep trying to use this lipgloss, I keep trying to like it, but I just don't. It's not something I'll repurchase and unless you're a lover of products that glue your lips together, it's not something I'd recommend either. Sorry Soap & Glory, this just doesn't do it for me!
Have you tried the Sexy Mother Pucker lipglosses? Did you get on with them any better than I did?


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wishlist: Spring

Spring is inarguably on its way, with it still being light well past 5pm and the first daffodils starting to bud. With that in mind, I've put together a little wishlist / inspiration post featuring a few things that are making me crave the longer days and milder weather.

 photo SpringWishlist_zps5b6d43da.jpg
1. Matalan Super Soft V-Neck Cardigan, £10
2. Kipling Joslyn Shoulder Bag, £74.65
3. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in 'Dragon Fruit', £3.99
4. Topshop Neon Acrylic Collar Necklace, £18.50
5. Converse Light Grey Double Tongue Ox ii Dot Trainers, £47
6. Vintage White Patent Leather Clutch via Etsy, $25
7. Topshop Tapestry Print Dress, £45

I love Matalan for staple pieces like knitwear, and the pastel blue colour of this cardigan is perfect for Spring. This Kipling handbag is a great size and has plenty of pockets which is a must for me to keep me organised! I love Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints for a super-glossy finish to my nails, and four new shades have been released for Spring. I've already purchased 'Lychee', a soft beige, and 'Dragon Fruit', this corally-pink shade is next on my list. I'm not usually a fan of Topshop but a few pieces from their new collections have caught my eye, including this unusal collar necklace, the ideal statement piece with a plain t-shirt, cardi & skinnies. I'm a massive Converse lover and this polka-dot pair are just so cute. It pains me that a pair of Converse are now £47, though. I love the bright colours on this vintage clutch from Etsy - perfect for bringing a splash of to an outfit, and it'll easily carry through to Summer. Finally, another Topshop item - I just love the gorgeous tapestry print on this dress, and it's quite reasonably priced by Topshop's standards, too.
What are you looking forward to most about Spring? Are you waiting with baited breath, like me, or do you love Winter and cling onto warm coats and thick layers as long as possible?

 photo DisclosureNotice_zpsee8659ad.png

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hummingbird Heartbeat | Recent Buys

 photo Purchases_zps90ec7b32.jpg

I popped into town with my boyfriend yesterday, purely to kill some time, and ended up spending rather more than we anticipated. We went into Waterstone's purely to see what was upstairs (because that's the kind of thing we do) and I had a flick through the new Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, 'Home Sweet Home' and couldn't resist its gorgeous photography and delicious-sounding recipes. Even just to look at the photos, I think the Hummingbird books are really reasonably priced, but I find I use them quite a lot as well. In fact, I've already made Jaffa Cake Cupcakes from this one, which went down a treat.
 photo JaffaCakeCupcake_zpsb22a35dd.jpg
In an attempt to track down a snood for my boyfriend, we nipped into New Look. We were successful, but on the way to the checkout I got waylaid by these beauties and Rob talked me into buying them - they were only £17.99 with my student discount, so it's not so bad, and they're super pretty, but I can hardly walk in them!
 photo NewLookShoeBoots_zpse3c9ddc7.jpg

Finally, I made the mistake of entering Superdrug to see if they were stocking the new MUA Undress Me Too palette (they weren't) and ended up walking out with two new releases from Barry M; four new shades have been added to the Gelly Hi-Shine collection, including this shade, 'Lychee', which is a soft beige. I also purchased one of the new Textured Nail Effects polishes, more out of curiosity than anything, in the shade 'Ridley Road', which is a minty green. I'll be sharing my thoughts on this in the next few days.
 photo BarryMPolishes_zpse13cea59.jpg

Have you made any accidental purchases lately? Or do you have your eye on something lovely? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

 photo ValentinesDayOutfitInspipration_zps8316dafd.jpg

As today is Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a little outfit inspiration. I love this dress from Sugarhill Boutique and think it would be complemented perfectly by the gorgeous laser-cut detail on the New Look Shoe Boots; they look almost like they're made of lace which I love. Sparkly accessories are a must, these earrings from Accessorize are a total bargain! I'd complete the outfit with red nails and lips - in this case I went for Look Beauty products. I actually own the 'Dorothy' Nail Pop and love it, it's an amazing shade and super sparkly.
I'm in Uni all day today so my boyfriend and I don't really have any plans other than a quiet evening in together. If you're celebrating Valentine's Day, have a lovely day, and if you're not, have a lovely day anyway!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Focus On: Lashes of London

 photo LashesofLondonWishlist_zpsafed09b7.jpg
1. Palms Belted Playsuit, £14.70
2. Cartona Lace Skater Dress, £15
3. Sin City Laser Cut Bandeau Dress, £13.50
4. Eccentricity Dip Hem Blouse, £13.50
5. Luxedo Sequin Blazer, £25.50
6. Zines Sequin Tee, £13.50

The Palms Belted Playsuit instantly reminds me of holidays, making me crave the smell of suncream and the feel of sand between my toes. Is it summer yet!? I saw the Cartona Lace Skater Dress on Gillian's blog and she looked stunning in it - I love the neon under the black lace. The same goes for the Sin City dress; despite its somewhat tacky name, I really like the laser-cut design. I've not really gone for the Galaxy print trend but the Eccentricity Blouse makes me want to change that! I'm also not really a blazer girl, but I definitely could be with this volume of sequins involved. Finally, the Zines Sequin Tee is another concession to my sequin obsession, and reminds me of mermaids and unicorns and other mythical creatures. Isn't it pretty!?
This is my entry to Etail PR's Lashes of London Blogger Challenge, to be in with a chance of winning £200 to spend at Lashes of London. You can find more details on how to enter on ETail PR's blog.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review | Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque

I was lucky enough to win the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque in Laura's Christmas giveaway over on her blog, Liparazzi. I've been using this once a week for about a month now and thought it was time I shared how I've been getting on with it.

 photo MacadamiaDeepRepairMasque_zps1c15fa36.jpg
Firstly, I really like the packaging, a deep olive-green plastic jar with a screw cap. It feels luxurious and expensive. When you unscrew the lid, you see a creamy substance, a pearlescent light peach in colour, which looks as though it will leave your hair soft and shimmering. According to Macadamia's website, "Macadamia Natural Oil's Deep Repair Masque revitalises dry, damaged hair like you have never experienced before. Using a combination of macadamia and argan oil infused with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts this masque will rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits."

 photo MacadamiaDeepRepairMasque3_zps5299d9b4.jpg
Following the instructions, I apply this after my normal shampoo and conditioner, and leave to work its magic for seven minutes (anyone else think this is oddly specific?!) before rinsing well and drying as usual.
The first couple of times I used this, I was severely underwhelmed. Now, I think I hadn't applied enough of the masque and I hadn't left it on for long enough. If I apply it quite thickly and leave it for a good ten to fifteen minutes, before rinsing until I can rinse no more, my hair is left gorgeously soft and smooth. My hair is notoriously knotty, but after using the Macadamia masque, it is shiny and tangle-free for at least a couple of days, which is amazing. I haven't found that it makes my hair greasy or weighs it down, which is a big deal for me with my hair being as long and thick as it is.

 photo MacadamiaDeepRepairMasque2_zps85bd2a94.jpg
Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque is available from a range of retailers, the cheapest I've found it is from Amazon priced at £12.16 for 250ml. Although it's quite expensive, I think a jar will last me a good few months, and for the difference it makes to my hair, I think it's worth it.
Have you tried Macadamia's Deep Repair Hair Masque? Would you like to? If you struggle at all with dry, damaged hair, or are prone to frizz and tangles, I really recommend giving it a go.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean

Peaches & Clean was one of the items in the Soap & Glory Best of All set I bought before Christmas, and I mentioned at the time it was one I was really looking forward to trying.
This comes in a clear pink plastic bottle with a pump-action top making for easy, hygienic dispensing. It also means it's super easy to see how much there is left - always useful, since you don't want to suddenly find you've run out! I also really like that the pump can be "locked" - meaning no messy explosions when travelling!
 photo PeachesampClean_zpsb82dd240.jpg
According to Soap & Glory, this is something of a wonder-product, including peach extract which contains fruit extracts to soften the skin, whilst quillija bark acts as a natural "soap", and jojoba oil is a skin-softening emollient. Additionally, Detoxyboost™ helps purify and deep-clean, and Poreshrink R2™ clears, freshens, and brightens the complexion. Peaches & Clean also claims to have a "special clogged T-Zone formula", which is definitely me, so I was really looking forward to seeing what this could do for my skin.
 photo PeachesampClean2_zpsd5128d56.jpg
 photo PeachesampClean3_zps4c77e8e1.jpg
Peaches & Clean dispenses as a soft, pale pink-coloured milk with, as you might expect, a gorgeous peachy scent - it smells exactly like a tin of peaches, it is so lovely to use. I find I need three or four pumps of an evening to remove all my make-up, but in the morning just one or two is plenty to freshen my skin up. I start at my cheeks and gently massage into the skin for a minute or so, spreading the milk around over my nose, chin, jaw, and forehead. It melts into the skin as you rub, dissolving your make-up as you go. I'm often naughty and use this around the eye area, and I've found it removed eye make-up including mascara pretty easily and without making my eyes sting. Once I've massaged it in thoroughly, I remove it using a muslin cloth or face cloth, soaked in hot water. I tend to repeat this a couple of times to be sure that I've removed all traces of dirt, make-up and cleanser, and then I apply moisturiser.
 photo PeachesampClean4_zps9567df14.jpg
I feel this does a really good job of removing my make-up (the lipstick swatches on my hand in the photo above were totally gone when I washed this off!) and my skin is left feeling soft and smelling lovely after using it. I haven't noticed any reduction in the clogged pores in my t-zone, however, and I'm not sure if the scent is maybe a bit much for my sensitive skin - I have been suffering a few spots since I started using this. I probably won't repurchase, although I'd happily use it again should it show up in a gift set or anything like that. I just feel that the nSpa Hot Cloth Polish was much more suited to my skin. I also found that the pump broke towards the end of the bottle, meaning there was an inch or so of product in the bottom that I couldn't use - sad times!
Peaches & Clean retails at £7 for 200ml and is available from Boots.
Have you tried any of Soap & Glory's cleansers? Which is your favourite? I really want to try their Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

25 Facts About Me

I've really enjoyed the "Facts About Me" posts that have been doing the rounds lately - I'm super nosey and always love the chance to get to know people a little better. I've seen people doing fifty facts but I don't think I'm that interesting, and I struggled to come up with 25! So here goes.
1. I have two tattoos and eleven piercings.
2. I just had to count my piercings to know how many I have.
3. The first time I went abroad was in year seven, with school. We went to France on a coach for three days - do all schools do that in year seven!?
4. The first time I went on a plane, I was 14 and I went to South Africa for a month with my Gran and cousin. It was an amazing experience and I'd definitely love to go back one day.
 photo Chargingelephant_zpsf0cf448e.jpg
 photo Babooncheckingyoungforbugs_zps377cf4a4.jpg

5. I can't whistle.
6. I've loved McFly since I was eleven, I've seen them nine times and met them twice.
 photo DSCF2332_zpsc7710740.jpg

7. My cousin (twice removed) is the Queen's Guide to the Sands in Morecambe Bay, Cedric Robinson.
8. I never met either of my granddads, but apparently I'm a lot like both of them.
9. I can't drive and I've never taken a driving lesson.
10. I've loved to read since I was tiny - I could read when I started primary school and I used to get told off for reading in lessons instead of listening.
11. I'm most definitely a dog person, I love my Rottweiler cross Tyler. We're not sure what he's crossed with, but it's something big. My parents have had dogs my whole life - when I was a baby, our Dobermann, Sheba, used to think I was her puppy and would growl if anyone other than my parents tried to pick me up.
 photo 774391_407516535995306_1216850284_o_zpsafa784ec.jpg

12. I get really ragey at people walking slowly in front of me, especially if they're right in the middle of the pavement so I can't get past them. I also hate it when people don't walk on the left!
13. Thirteen is my lucky number.
14. I'm not a film person, I'd choose a book or a nap over a film any day. I tend to fall asleep in the cinema. I just don't have the attention span.
15. I have a younger brother; he's 19 and puts me to shame with his sporty-ness.
16. When I was younger, I wouldn't leave the house without eyeliner, but I barely wear it these days.
17. I hate musicals. I loathe them with a passion.
18. I have an unhealthy addiction to Creme Eggs.
19. I've loved hedgehogs my whole life. I grew up on a farm and one evening when I was about four, my dad rescued a hedgehog from a ditch it'd fallen into. He knew I'd love to see it but I was in bed, so he brought it into the house for me to see. I was woken up and got out of bed to go and see this tiny, soggy, spikey hedgehog running round my parents' bedroom - one of my more bizarre early memories! I also have a collection of toy hedgehogs (and badgers!).
20. I'm obsessively organised, I love making lists, and I hate not being able to find things or having to rush to get ready.
21. My favourite colour is yellow. My bedroom was yellow as a child, but I can't wear yellow clothes because they make me look grey and dead. This makes me sad.
22. I met my boyfriend at work - I used to work Saturdays in a pet shop. When we met, I was 16 and he was 23 - the age gap would have been weird at the time, but it took us nearly four years to get together, and by then it didn't feel strange at all. We've been together almost two years now.
23. I never used blusher until I was about eighteen. Now I have more blushers than I know what to do with!
24. I have a degree in Psychology and know how to use an EEG scanner - I took this picture myself!
 photo EEGSCAN_zps9bc80323.jpg

25. I'm a really clumsy person. I broke my first bone (my right arm) at the age of five, and the second (my left arm) just three months later. My dad wouldn't tell my Nan I'd broken my arm the second time, so when she saw the plaster cast (at my birthday party, at one of those indoor play centres with ball pools and things!), she thought we'd just got the cast put back on the first arm to protect it. My mum took great pleasure in telling her I'd gone and broken another arm!

I hope you enjoyed reading these, and leave me a link if you've done one of these posts!

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