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Sunday, 10 February 2013

25 Facts About Me

I've really enjoyed the "Facts About Me" posts that have been doing the rounds lately - I'm super nosey and always love the chance to get to know people a little better. I've seen people doing fifty facts but I don't think I'm that interesting, and I struggled to come up with 25! So here goes.
1. I have two tattoos and eleven piercings.
2. I just had to count my piercings to know how many I have.
3. The first time I went abroad was in year seven, with school. We went to France on a coach for three days - do all schools do that in year seven!?
4. The first time I went on a plane, I was 14 and I went to South Africa for a month with my Gran and cousin. It was an amazing experience and I'd definitely love to go back one day.
 photo Chargingelephant_zpsf0cf448e.jpg
 photo Babooncheckingyoungforbugs_zps377cf4a4.jpg

5. I can't whistle.
6. I've loved McFly since I was eleven, I've seen them nine times and met them twice.
 photo DSCF2332_zpsc7710740.jpg

7. My cousin (twice removed) is the Queen's Guide to the Sands in Morecambe Bay, Cedric Robinson.
8. I never met either of my granddads, but apparently I'm a lot like both of them.
9. I can't drive and I've never taken a driving lesson.
10. I've loved to read since I was tiny - I could read when I started primary school and I used to get told off for reading in lessons instead of listening.
11. I'm most definitely a dog person, I love my Rottweiler cross Tyler. We're not sure what he's crossed with, but it's something big. My parents have had dogs my whole life - when I was a baby, our Dobermann, Sheba, used to think I was her puppy and would growl if anyone other than my parents tried to pick me up.
 photo 774391_407516535995306_1216850284_o_zpsafa784ec.jpg

12. I get really ragey at people walking slowly in front of me, especially if they're right in the middle of the pavement so I can't get past them. I also hate it when people don't walk on the left!
13. Thirteen is my lucky number.
14. I'm not a film person, I'd choose a book or a nap over a film any day. I tend to fall asleep in the cinema. I just don't have the attention span.
15. I have a younger brother; he's 19 and puts me to shame with his sporty-ness.
16. When I was younger, I wouldn't leave the house without eyeliner, but I barely wear it these days.
17. I hate musicals. I loathe them with a passion.
18. I have an unhealthy addiction to Creme Eggs.
19. I've loved hedgehogs my whole life. I grew up on a farm and one evening when I was about four, my dad rescued a hedgehog from a ditch it'd fallen into. He knew I'd love to see it but I was in bed, so he brought it into the house for me to see. I was woken up and got out of bed to go and see this tiny, soggy, spikey hedgehog running round my parents' bedroom - one of my more bizarre early memories! I also have a collection of toy hedgehogs (and badgers!).
20. I'm obsessively organised, I love making lists, and I hate not being able to find things or having to rush to get ready.
21. My favourite colour is yellow. My bedroom was yellow as a child, but I can't wear yellow clothes because they make me look grey and dead. This makes me sad.
22. I met my boyfriend at work - I used to work Saturdays in a pet shop. When we met, I was 16 and he was 23 - the age gap would have been weird at the time, but it took us nearly four years to get together, and by then it didn't feel strange at all. We've been together almost two years now.
23. I never used blusher until I was about eighteen. Now I have more blushers than I know what to do with!
24. I have a degree in Psychology and know how to use an EEG scanner - I took this picture myself!
 photo EEGSCAN_zps9bc80323.jpg

25. I'm a really clumsy person. I broke my first bone (my right arm) at the age of five, and the second (my left arm) just three months later. My dad wouldn't tell my Nan I'd broken my arm the second time, so when she saw the plaster cast (at my birthday party, at one of those indoor play centres with ball pools and things!), she thought we'd just got the cast put back on the first arm to protect it. My mum took great pleasure in telling her I'd gone and broken another arm!

I hope you enjoyed reading these, and leave me a link if you've done one of these posts!



  1. Aww Tyler is gorgeous :) and nice close-ups of the elephant, I would love to see one in the wild! xx

    1. He's beautiful :) Ah it was amazing, I'd love to go back. xo

  2. i love when other bloggers dish out facts about themselves! great post.
    love the elephant photo, they're one of my favourite animals!


  3. I love the 25 facts posts that are going out they always make me smile.

    1. I love reading them too :) Always nice to learn a bit more about the person behind the blog xo

  4. I love these posts, it's lovely to read more about my fave bloggers xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. There's been so many of these types of post but I've found myself reading and commenting on loads of them!
    Went went to Germany rather than France in Yr 7 (France was yr 9) but we also went on a coach (both times) for 30 odd hours!! Why!?! Who comes up with this idea!?! 30 + teens on a coach for that long - surely going by plane had got to be better? Lol

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    1. That's what I always thought, there was about 60 of us going to France, it must have been a nightmare to organise! Haha xo

  6. Loved reading this, totally agree with the people walking slow and not sticking to the left! & love the broken arm story!


    1. Ahhh I get so ragey! Haha. Yeah that pretty much sums up my dad lol xo

  7. Tyler is gorgeous- so beautiful xxx

  8. I love reading these too, I guess I'm a stalker. :) I just did one of my own but only 10...here's the link if you're interested: http://molliepop.com/10-things-might-know/

    24). I love Psychology! During nursing school that was one of my favorite subjects and I'd love to eventually work in a Psych Unit. Did you by any chance analyze all the likes and dislikes on your list? If I had a Psych degree I feel like I would constantly do that to myself, haha.

    14). I have to agree. When I was younger it was fun to go to the movies but now I'd rather wait until it comes out (so I can fast forward through the slow parts or do something with my hands while I watch) or read a book.

    17). Noo! How can you say that? So sad! *start singing "The hills are alive...*


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