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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NOTD: Accessorize Speckle 'Leopard Moth'

I've got quite a few of Accessorize's Speckle polishes but I don't think I've ever shared any on here; that will all change today! My nails are currently graced with three coats of 'Leopard Moth', a white base with small navy-blue hex glitter. Although I love how this looks, part of me thinks it might work better as just one coat over a white base polish, for a more subtle effect and so that the glitter showed through better. This applied really nicely, drying pretty quickly, with no streaking or dragging. I apologise for the tipwear in these photos; I'd only had the polish on literally overnight, it chips so easily without topcoat, and I didn't want to smooth over the glitter as I think the slightly rough finish adds to the effect.
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth4_zpsa8c1eb07.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth3_zps169f2047.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth2_zps6433fbb4.jpg
 photo AccessorizeLeopardMoth_zpsdc51431a.jpg

'Leopard Moth' is available as part of Accessorize's Speckle collection from Superdrug (currently all Accessorize cosmetics are on 3 for 2). Do you own any of these Speckled polishes? What do you think of glitter polishes with coloured bases like this? I can't decide whether I prefer them to a clear base or not!



  1. I love this, its so great to see beauty reviews with something a little bit different. So helpful as well!
    Please keep it up, I love your posts :) xxx

  2. Ooh this is very pretty, reminds me of the Illamasqua speckled polishes. Adding this to my shopping list x

    1. Ah I meant to mention it reminded me of the I'mperfection polishes - but so much cheaper haha! xo


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