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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spending Ban?!

 photo PiggyBank2_zps8966a0ab.jpg
I am sad to say, the time has finally come for me to officially embark upon a spending ban. I'm not going crazy and aiming for 100 days or anything like that - I'm just aiming not to spend uneccessarily in the month of March. I'm setting myself a few rules so that I know what is and isn't allowed, and I'm going to try to post a few updates on Just Jess so that you can help to keep me on track!
  1. ABSOLUTELY no purchasing of clothes, accessories, makeup, or nail polish. I DO NOT need any of this - there is no chance of me running out during the course of the month. Not even a tiny risk. No matter what I say, do not let me buy any of these things!
  2. No purchasing of books (including eBooks!), magazines, or music.
  3. No impulse-buying of things for our house.
  4. No buying of food at Uni, or whilst travelling to and from Uni. Tea is allowed, but only if I've also taken my Thermos and drunk it all.
  5. No chocolate. This is the one that might just kill me.
I am allowed to spend on the following, although sensibly:
  1. Gifts (FOR OTHER PEOPLE) - it's Mother's Day on March 10th, and my boyfriend's birthday at the start of April, so I'll have a couple of presents to buy, and that's okay.
  2. Essentials such as shampoo, body lotion & cleanser - I'm unlikely to run out of any of these, but should I need to purchase any of them, then I can.
  3. Obviously, things like food and groceries are allowed, and I never buy anything extravagant in those categories anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue.
So it's pretty straight-forward - I won't be buying anything I don't need. I'm hoping this will help me get my spending habits back on track and show me how much money I'm throwing away every month. I'll try to keep track of any slip-ups, although I'm hoping there'll be none of those, and the things that have made it hard for me.
 photo PiggyBank_zps02575430.jpg

Have any of you ever completed a spending ban? Do you have any words of wisdom to share before I get underway with this challenge?



  1. I keep trying to do this but I am not doing that well ha xx


  2. I've never tried doing a spending ban before. Lol I don't think I could go a whole month without chocolate! Hopefully you have some valentine treats to tide you over :)

  3. I feel the same way! I've tried spending less *so* many times, its gotten a bit ridiculous! Its so hard not to spend money when you see that perfect purse (or dress... or shoes) that you just have to have.

    I'm trying though! :)



  4. Good luck! I'm currently on a spending ban until my birthday in March and I can not wait to get down to Topshop xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. Good luck with this!! I've seen a few bloggers doing this, I really need to but just don't think I could survive haha :P
    Love Holly x

  6. Oooooh good luck! I used to go through phases like this at uni too. Though I was always the opposite and had to stop myself buying any more food!!!

    My only words of wisdom are come to love the things you have. You know you don't need any more clothes, make up or nail varnishes but I know I often want new clothes just because they are new. So try and find a way to jazz up the old ones! Come up with outfit combos you've never tried before :) That way it won't feel so bad :P

    Have fun ;)


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