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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I did a bad thing. I went on BuyaPowa, only to see that one of the co-buys they were running was for the shiny new Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, for just £14.50 (a saving of £6.50 off its £20 RRP). So I bought it. No regrets, right? And I have to admit it's pretty, with its diminutive size and its rubberised casing and its five matte/one satin finish shades. I know I'll get a lot of use out of it, I know the shadows will all be great quality, and I know it'll be perfect for travelling. I'm trying to convince myself all of these things make it okay that I bought yet another neutral eyeshadow palette.. When I know I prefer bright colours on my eyes.
Sometimes I wonder about myself!
 photo UrbanDecayNakedBasics4_zpsa613c114.jpg
 photo UrbanDecayNakedBasics_zpsb007a109.jpg
 photo UrbanDecayNakedBasics5_zps734835a4.jpg
 photo UrbanDecayNakedBasics2_zpsca574e1f.jpg

From left to right, Venus is the only satin-finish shade in the palette, a creamy ivory ideal for highlighting. Foxy (a repeat from the Naked2 palette) is a yellow-toned cream. Walk of Shame (W.O.S.) is a peachier cream, the other repeated shade in Basics, whilst Naked2 (which would surely have been better suited to the Naked2 palette!?) is a soft grey/beige. Faint is a cool-toned medium brown and Crave is a deep, dark brown, almost black. This is a versatile palette, which will allow you to create a range of looks from a no-make up eye, through a neutral/work-friendly look, right through to a smokey, dramatic evening look.
Unlike the previous Naked palettes, Basics doesn't include a brush or a miniature (Naked came with the Primer Potion, Naked2 a mini lipgloss), but personally, I don't feel this is a great loss - I've never used my lipgloss and the brush is only a last-resort, none-of-my-other-brushes-are-clean item for me. I'd prefer to save a couple of pounds and go without these extras, to be honest!
Have you picked up the Naked Basics palette? Do you own either of the other Nakeds?



  1. I have my eye on that palette - I've never tried BuyaPowa before but now I may just!


  2. This looks great, and such a bargain too :)


  3. I want xx

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  4. Such a great post, I really want this new palette, it's beautiful!



  5. This looks like a lovely palette, think I'd prefer to get one of the Naked 1 or Naked 2 palettes first though xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. I know what you mean - you get a better range of shades with the original and Naked2 :) xo


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