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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Get Dressed For Less: Interview Outfit Under £50

As a Masters student whose decision to return to full-time study was swayed in no small part by the prospect of another year with a Student Discount card (I kid you not!), the thought of graduating scares me. I can't imagine having to go about my everyday life without asking in almost every shop, "Do you do student discount?" (whilst smugly thinking, I know you do, give me my 10% off!). All is not lost; discount codes are available to the non-student population, and although they can sometimes be a bit harder to track down, I've recently discovered a website which makes it easy. NetVoucherCodes gathers together what seems like thousands of codes, all ready for you to browse through and see what you can save. To make it even easier, you can search by category, for example "Fashion & Footwear", or you can search for a specific shop if you've seen something you like and want to save!
I was challenged to put together an outfit for under £50 - it sounds difficult but with NetVoucherCodes, it becomes a breeze! For example, I can use the code 8130 to get 25% off everything at LaRedoute. Since I'm looking at graduating and applying for real, grown-up jobs, I decided to try to put together an interview outfit.

Interview Outfit 50
Black Knit Dress, La Redoute, £39 £29.25
Innocence Grey Sequin Cardigan, New Look (sale), £24.99 £10
Monochrome Patent Detail Court Shoes, New Look (sale), £22.99 £11
Okay, so I allowed myself to go 25p over-budget for the sake of those shoes, but the fact that they tick the monochrome trend box so perfectly, not to mention being the ideal finishing touch to my interview outfit, makes me think that's okay. The fact that I've saved over £35 in putting this together, makes it doubly so in my book!
Do you like to use voucher codes when you shop online? Have you found any good discount codes for your favourite stores?



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