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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ten Day You Challenge #2: 9 Loves

This is the second part of the Ten Day You Challenge; check out part one, Ten Secrets!
 photo 10-days-you-challenge_zps13f578bc.jpg

1. McFly. No secret to anyone, I absolutely love them.
2. Neuroscience. Well you'd hope so, given my choice of Masters subject, but I find every aspect of the brain fascinating. I'm not gonna lie, I also like the reaction I get when random people on trains ask what I study!
3. Books. I've always loved reading, and even though I've got a Kindle now, you still can't beat a proper book in my opinion!
4. Hills. I love walking and the outdoors, and growing up with the Cumbrian countryside on my doorstep, I was always going to love hills!
5. My family. I've got a lot closer to both my mum and my brother as I've got older, and get on really well with them both. I'm not so close to my dad but I still love him!
6. Words. I love words, I love reading, writing and talking, and I really really love big words. It's part of the reason I love Neuroscience so much; I get to use words like 'oligodendrocyte' and 'neuropsychopharmacology' on a daily basis!
7. Hedgehogs. They are SO CUTE. I really want a pet hedgehog, Becky from MilkBubbleTea has one named Pickle and he's adorable!
8. Tyler. I love my puppy, he's so beautiful and so cuddy :)
 photo 774391_407516535995306_1216850284_o_zps76f4db1b.jpg
9. Rob. My lovely boyfriend. It's hard to say how much he means to me but I love him for always being there when I need a cuddle, and for bringing me chocolate at appropriate times of the month without me even having to ask!
What are you loving at the moment? I hope you're enjoying this challenge on my blog!



  1. Haha I miss hills - they are kinda lacking in south east Michigan - funny what you miss!

    1. Ahh I can't imagine moving somewhere flat! Sheffield was bad enough haha xo

  2. I had no idea you studied Neuroscience! That is super impressive and all around awesome. Definitely not a topic that would keep my interest (and I'm not sure I could stomach that field of study, weird though it may sound), I don't think, but I'm sure it's fascinating.


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