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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ten Day You Challenge #4: 7 Wants

Today is the fourth installment in the Ten Day You Challenge; you can check out my Ten Secrets, Nine Loves, and Eight Fears if you enjoy this post! I'll be sharing Seven Wants today.

1. Clear skin. I've struggled with my skin since I was about thirteen and although it's not bad now compared to how it used to be, I still suffer from blackheads and extremely oily skin, and frequent outbreaks of spots. Since I started blogging, I've learnt a lot about skincare and the best ways to look after my skin, and it is improving all the time, so I'm hopeful I can achieve this want soon!
2. Someone to pay off my student loans would be nice. I'm not so worried about the loan for my Undergraduate degree, since repayments on that are based on income (meaning I'm not currently paying anything!) but my MSc required me to take out a bank loan which I have to start paying back two months after I complete the course, regardless of my employment status and financial circumstances - I'm starting to feel the pressure on that one!
3. Sort of related to #2, but I'd like to have more money. Partially because I like to buy nice things, but also because it can be a struggle at times, as a young couple renting our first home together, to make ends meet. I'd like to be saving up for a deposit for a mortgage but that simply isn't possible at the moment.
4. I want to be fitter than I am. I used to run quite a lot, but with one thing and another (my dissertation; breaking my foot...) I got out of the habit and I'm only now, almost a year later, making the effort to pick it back up. I'm literally starting from scratch again with my fitness and it's quite disheartening, I was never the quickest runner but I used to be able to run five or six miles at my own pace, and now one is a struggle.

5. I want to know what I want to do with my life! I know vaguely that I want to do something in Neuroscience, but it's such a vast area that that's not really a lot to go on - and knowing where I ultimately want to be would be really helpful in terms of knowing where to look for jobs, placements, volunteering opportunities and work experience...
6. Children. I touched on this in my 8 Fears, but I really, really want children one day. I plan to wait for a few years as I'd like to be able to give them a stable home, so I'd like to have a good income and/or a reasonable amount of savings. I'd like two or maybe three kids, but I'll need about thirty if I use all the names my boyfriend and I have agreed we'd like!
7. A better camera. This is one of those things I plan to invest in once I'm working full-time, but at the moment I'm using a cheap Fujifilm point-and-shoot which I bought off eBay. I know there's only so much a camera can do for your photography skills but I do feel like my photos would be a lot better with more settings to play with and a better lens.

So there you have my Seven Wants. I was a bit unsure what route to go down with this, and loved Jess's idea of using it as an excuse for a Beauty Wishlist, so I hope you've enjoyed my mixture!



  1. I know what you mean about the student loans. I'm also not really bothered about my BA one although the student loans company are a nightmare to deal with once you emigrate - there are a known issue with expats. My MA has been a bit of a nightmare but luckily I finally finish paying it off this summer - yeyey!

  2. Loved reading your post, I felt like I got to know you a bit better through it!

    There's just never enough money, is there...I'm living on my own and it's so expensive! Can't imagine having kids, it would be really difficult!


  3. I relate to so much of this! I'd love clear skin, it's always been so hard for me to like my face - I've always been happy with every part of me except for that one, which is really the most important! Having clear skin wouldn't change my features, but I'm certain I'd be less annoyed by them then.

    But really, if I had to pick between that and money, I'd take money any day. Simply a steady income would do wonders for me - for my mental health, for my situation, everything. My goal this year is to move out with my mom and sister - my father has become just unbearable to live with, and I just need to take the two of them with me. It's slow-going, and I'm still not able to go on a job hunt (social anxiety - something else I'd love to be rid of), but at least I have my Etsy shop going and I'm trying. Hopefully it will pay off!

  4. Wow! Love this idea! Great post and I agree with The Made Up Maiden, it's like a window to your soul. :-)



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