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Monday, 29 April 2013

T*ts and Tats: A Male Blogger Discusses Tattoos

Today's post comes courtesy of Adam from #NOTListeningCollective. Recently, I decided I wanted to try and organise a little Guest Post Swap, so put out some tweets and messages on Facebook, and a fair few people were interested. So we went ahead, and Adam's name came out of the hat to write for me! I'll do a summary of all the posts once they're all posted, so for now I'll pass you over to Adam!

So when this whole Guest post swap idea was passed on to me, I was a little worried. Looking at the types of blogs and bloggers that wanted to do it, seemed very Female and Beauty/Fashion orientated and I felt a bit isolated.....being that I was a minority who didn't have boobs ( well maybe moobs, but they don't count ). So with my recent series of posts about Beauty and fashion from a Male's Perspective ( which pretty much means I have no idea what I'm talking about ) I was asked to write a guest post for the lovely Jess. After a few brief discussions we decided that I should bring my male perspective to this blog. So here it goes.......
......TATTOOS! That’s right, the cross gendered ink markings that seem to bring out a unique meaning to every individual. From full on tattoos on the forehead to subtle little butterflies on the ankle, tattoos big and small have different meanings to each person. Some tats mean something close and meaningful to them such as a memory of a dear friend or a celebration to something in their life and some mean something........ well simply a reminder of a drunken night or a messed up time in their life that they now regret.
Now I won't discuss the tattoos that people regret instead I shall discuss about two of my favourite celebs who brandish tattoos with pride.
1) Dita Von Teese
Now the wonderful Dita  Von Teese uses tattoos to complement her image. The Seductress, demeaux Burlesque Dancer pulls of the vampy look with a great array of tattoos, Notably along her arms. Now I never use to be a fan of tattoos on women that could be seen, but with the current trends and looks it works and looks incredibly sexy. The entire style of it brings out an edgy look that obviously suits her. I find this kind of look incredibly attractive nowadays and the whole alternative look is pretty awesome in itself.

 photo image1_zps93d09030.jpeg
2) Fearne Cotton
Everyone’s favourite Radio and TV Host. Fearne was the first celeb whose tattoos took my attention. Her tattoos are not too out in the open, as she has some subtle ones on her wrist and some really beautiful ones on her ankle.
The ankle ones were the ones that I noticed first. Like I said before I was never a fan of tattoos until I saw these type of tatts on ladies. On the ankles they look gorgeous when they wear heels. The whole tattoo look on Fearne brings out a trend quality to her dress sense that she seems to embrace.
 photo image_zps512de3df.jpeg
Recently I saw she had more tattoos on her midriff and, thanks to her great figure, it again brings a great quality and look to her style.
 photo image3_zpsb628d67a.jpeg
 photo image2_zpsf93d4314.jpeg
I believe that tattoos are becoming more of a fashion statement nowadays and if done right can really bring out the individual and unique style.
What tattoos have you got? What is too many? Let me know! @BarkerPodcasts

Thank you Adam for this post! Please do go and check out Adam's blog, his Male Perspective posts are really funny and well-written.
It's been lovely to get to know some fellow bloggers through this swap, and I'd love to arrange another in future, so if you're interested let me know and I can add you to the list for when the time comes! Just leave your email in a comment, or drop me a tweet or email.


  1. As someone who is tattooed, I would argue that it's misguided to call tattoo's a fashion statement, no matter how popular they might have become. I and many many others never got them because they were "fashionable". I think it could be dangerous to start crediting them as fashionable because it might encourage people to get them without thinking of just how much of a dedication they are and they aren't like a top you can wear and throw away.

    I currently have three, I would have more if I didn't spend all my money on vinyl.

    1. That is a very very very good point. Solely making it a fashion statement could take away the importance behind some of them and possible mis interpretation in youngsters getting them.
      I personally have seen ALOT of people get them as fashion statements. People who see celebs have them and follow suit.
      I don't have an Tattooes nor do I intend to. But I can see a generation of people getting tattoos just because they look cool and regret it in the future.
      Like you said. Dedication to your body.

    2. I have to agree with Rachael on this one, actually - I don't view my tattoos as a fashion statement, either! They're something much more personal, one is on my thigh so no-one ever sees it unless I'm in swimwear, and the other on my wrist has a personal meaning and is purely as a reminder for me. Each to their own, though - there's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo as a fashion statement as long as you can live with it for the rest of your life, or afford laser removal at a later point (and deal with the pain!)


    3. I Totes ( Yeah i said totes! ) agree with people not thinking before they ink. i think you should really think before you get a tattoo for what ever reason it is.
      so many horror stories of drunken regrets

  2. Totally agree with Jess & Rachael, I don't think I know anyone who would class their tattoos as a fashion statement. Although I'm sure you're right & there will be some people out there who have made that mistake!

    I have my whole left side tattooed up in tribute to The Secret Garden, the book that really inspired me to start reading and writing. - The design is my own, as well as a large piece on my right shoulder which is actually my own photography :)

    All of mine are in places that can be covered pretty easy but I love seeing other peoples tattoos! & I guess my love for tats is something I've grown up with.. My Mum, Dad & a lot of family members have ink & my partner is heavily covered in them too :)

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

    1. I LOVE the meaning behind the secret garden tattoo. that there is a great reason and meanign towards getting a tattoo. they should be personal.
      Too many now are used as jokes, or off the cuff thoughts.

      i doubt all of One direction who have tattoos have them for personal reasons, they look like showy off tats to make them seem older.

    2. Your tattoos sound gorgeous, Kerys!
      I don't think all tattoos have to be meaningful (although you're less likely to regret it if they are!), as long as you get them for yourself and not for other people. xo

    3. Yes those for other people annoy me. Like you said! do it for yourself! :)

  3. Tattoos aren't for me and I'm also very much each to their own. BUT I do think sometimes people need to think them through a bit more. If you've got a tattoo from one ex boyfriend and had to get it covered up, don't make the same mistake with the next boyfriend!

    Aside from that, I do like that they can have this special meaning to you and if I wasn't such a wuss, I might be tempted :)

    http://nataliewrites.co.uk x

    1. I once knew a Girl who had a tattoo of a boyfriend after 2 months of dating. they split and she know has his name with a cross on it to remind her never to be stupid again.

      Yes, she's a little mental, but goes to prove ALOT of people get sucked into this whole tat's business

    2. My boyfriend had his ex's name tattooed on his chest.. He's had it covered up now and I'd be horrified if he made the same mistake with me! Haha :) xo

  4. I LOVE tattoos. Think they can be beautiful works of art. I know EXACTLY what I would get if I could guarentee they would look good when I was old. But that's not the case so I would NEVER get one. Your body goes through too many changes to keep them looking good and I know so many older people who feel embarrassed about their tattoos later in life (my autny and uncle are just two examples).

    I'm also a perfectionist and I know I would be dissapointed with the outcome.
    All but one of my cousins (who are old enough to have tattoos) have tatoos and all of them regret at least one or were dissapointed with its outcome and now can't do anything about it.

    One cousin in particular is obsessed with the thought that the word he has down his arm is wonky. No one else can tell. I actually think it's one of his nicer ones (as it has the most meaning to him too) but he HATES it. I couldn't live with myself having paid a fortune for that.

    I think it's obviously a personal choice and I just couldn't do anything that "permanent" to myself. But I think a lot of people do do it as a fashion statement.

    As someone who spent the majority of their childhood/teenage years as a goth/greebo/alternative/grunge/whatever you want to call it, my friends who got them were doing it as a fashion statement even if 10 years ago it wasn't considered a mainstream fashion choice.

    I think it depends what you define fashion as. If fashion is desinged as "A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior" I think tatoos are definitely an element of fashion BUT this doesn't take away from the fact that they have very specific meanings to individuals or make them worth any less.

    (In case you are wondering the tattoo I would get is a large side piece working down from under my arm, down past my ribs and on to my hip following the shape of my body made up of ivy and lillies :))

    1. I see where you're coming from with this, but I've never been the type to worry about the future and let it put me off doing things that make me happy today! "Never regret anything that made you happy at the time".
      My tattoo on my wrist has a slight wobble in it but I think that makes me love it more - to me it represents imperfection, which is beautiful :)
      Your hypothetical side piece sounds lovely! ;D

    2. You have a good point - if you're a perfectionist they're probably not for you. If not then I guess it's up to you :) x

  5. I have a bunch of friends who love tattoos and get them as statements of things they've experienced/ loved. I am not really a tattoo person per say but I do think they can be a beautiful way to express yourself.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. I think that's a great reason to get tattooed :) xo

  6. I have 5 tattoos and I don't regret any of them. All of them have meanings behind them and they were all chosen carefully!! They are also in places that can be easily covered up, should I want them to be. The response I get is generally quite mixed. Some people say they hate tattoos on women and I need to be careful because I'll fall into a negative stereotype, but others really like them!!! Either way, I really like them, and it's a part of who I am... Yes, in the future they won't neccessarily be relevant to who I am, but I will always have my past with me, which will shape my future! :) Xx

  7. I loved reading this post! I had my first tattoo when I had just turned 18. I designed it myself and it's a set of starts from my feet to just above my ankle, it looks great with a pair of ballet pumps and heels on! Now that I am 20, I got my 2nd and 3rd tattoo earlier this year, a little love heart and the word 'love' on my wrist too! I was worried at first but I'm glad it was done!
    I agree, I think if they are done right and carefully by the right peple that are experienced, tattoos can look great!



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