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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NOTD: Cinderella's Blueberry

Sinful Colors' 'Cinderella' is without a doubt one of my favourite nail polish purchases of the year, but I must admit it can be a bit of a chore building up the four or five coats it needs to be opaque, so I decided to give it a go layered over another polish. I went for Barry M's 'Blueberry', another shade I love; two coats of 'Blueberry' topped with 'Cinderella' gave a gorgeous purple-blue colour with Cinderella's beautiful shimmer, making my nails truly stunning when they catch the light (I'm aware the top-right photo isn't great but it does show the purple shade the polish takes in some lights!). I previously posted about Cinderella on her own if you'd like to see what it looks like.
NOTD Sinful Colors Cinderella Barry M Blueberry

Sinful Colors and Barry M are two of my favourite budget nail polish brands, both producing an amazing shade range, with pretty good quality, for great prices; and I think this combination is just lovely!
Do you like Cinderella over Blueberry? Do you like Sinful Colors and Barry M? What's your favourite budget nail polish brand?

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  1. Love the shade it's amazing!


  2. This looks so pretty!
    Natalie xx

  3. That is a GORGEOUS shade, wow. I'm far too lazy about nail polish to do that many coats usually, but I'm keeping it in mind because I love love love it.

  4. they came out really nice, i've never heard of 'sinful colors' before but i'll have to keep my eyes peeled.x


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