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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review: Alpha-H Trial Size Set

I posted about purchasing this Alpha-H Trial Size Set quite some time ago now, and have been using the products since. I was initially intending to review each product separately, but I've decided that it's better to write about all four together in a mini-review kind of format, as I didn't feel I got enough use out of any of them to warrant a full review on each.
Alpha-H Trial Size Kit Reviews
Triple Action Cleanser with Aloe Vera
"This non-detergent cleansing gel is formulated with soothing Cucumber, hydrating Aloe Vera and Thyme - a powerful natural anti-bacterial, which helps to minimise excess oil and breakouts. It thoroughly removes all face and eye make-up whilst balancing and cooling the skin."
This was a lovely light non-foaming gel which I found did a fab job of removing make-up without drying out my skin or irritating it at all, which I was really pleased about. I got about six uses out of the 15ml sample, which sadly I didn't feel was anywhere near enough to be able to tell whether it would suit my skin long-term or even live up to its claims of minimising oil and breakouts - these are key points I'd look for in skincare, so I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to see how effective the cleanser was. At £23 for the full-sized 200ml product, this is quite a pricey cleanser and probably not one I'd repurchase on the strength of a 15ml sample, although BeautyBay are currently offering it at £20.70.
Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid
"Alpha H's world renowned skin refining solution. A powerful night-time resurfacing and firming lotion for the skin, which jump-starts the skin's metabolism, treating concerns from sun damage to acne. This revolutionary formulation tightens enlarged pores, and delivers lighter, clearer and more even skin tone."
This is something of an infamous product in the blogging world, and I was pretty excited to give it a go! It's recommended that you use this every other day by soaking a cotton pad and swiping over clean skin; this meant I didn't use it as regularly as I should, as I can never remember whether I used it yesterday or not, and  struggle to remember about it at all as it's not an everyday product. Still, I do think it made a difference on the days I remembered to use it, and I like to think it left my skin smoother and brighter by morning. Two 10ml of sample I received altogether made for about two weeks of continuous use, although I'd say I dragged it out over three or four what with forgetting to use it so regularly. The full-sized product has an RRP of £31.50 for 100ml, which again is pretty steep, although it is a product I'd consider in future to see how it worked with my skin longer-term. (BeautyBay currently have it at £28.35 with free postage if you want to save a few quid!)
Absolute Eye Complex
"A lifting and perfecting serum uniquely designed to be applied to lash level and over the entire eyelid to combat dark circles, shadows, puffiness, hooded lids, and fine lines. Natural flower acids from Hibiscus petals smooth and brighten the skin, whilst Hyaluronic Acid and Tetrapeptides lift and plump the eye contour."
I really struggle with eye creams as I often find they leave me with horrible flaky, dry skin around my eyes - not what I'm after! I hadn't tried a gel before but am finding this really pleasant to use. It feels cooling and refreshing on the eye area and absorbs quickly when patted in. I'm fairly confident that it helps to reduce dark circles and I've been getting pretty good at remembering to use it every night and most mornings, which I'm proud of! Out of the four products, this is the one I'm most likely to repurchase. This 7.5ml trial size is lasting really well so I don't feel that £34.50 for the full-sized 15ml of product is too bad, although it isn't money I can afford to spend at the moment! Again, you can save a little at BeautyBay, where it's currently priced at £31.05.
Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask with Lavender
"An award-winning salon resurfacing mask which acts as a powerful once-a-week, at-home mini-peel. The 15% Glycolic Acid exfoliates dead surface cells, whilst Manuka Honey, Lavender and Vitamin E work to hydrate and plump the fresh new cells underneath to leave the whole complexion visibly more supple, dewy and radiant."
I've had three uses from the 15ml sample which I feel is enough to give me a fair indication of the effects of this product; a reasonably thick white cream, this spreads easily over the skin with a faint citrus scent. Almost immediately, it begins to tingle, although I should point out it downright stings on any open wounds, as I discovered when I applied with a cut on my finger! After use, I have to be honest and say I haven't noticed much difference - I didn't find my skin any brighter or see any obvious exfoliation benefits. The most expensive product of the bunch at £46 RRP for 100ml, this probably isn't something I'd buy, although again BeautyBay can save you a few pounds, with a current price of £41.40.

Overall, I did enjoy using these trial-sized products, although I would have liked a larger sample of the cleanser as I didn't feel I got a real idea of the product from the usage I got. It's nice to try higher-end products occasionally and although the Eye Serum is the only one I can see myself definitely buying in future, I would consider the others when I have more disposable income. I think kits like this are a lovely introduction to a brand and a great way of seeing what they have to offer without breaking the bank.
Have you tried any Alpha-H products? Which of these four would you like to try most?

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  1. I'm always looking for new face products, especially since I haven't found "the one" yet. You know, the one you can't live without. ;) Thanks for the rec!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. I wanted to try Liquid Gold but I'm sooooo put off by the price. If I spent that much on a product just to find out it didn't work for me I'd cry :( xo

  3. I have wanted to try Liquid Gold for such a long time but as Emily says above, I'm put off by the price. It's nice to see you had some results with it though :D
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with pores as a problem. It's a miracle!
    I also reviewed it on my website



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