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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Laidbare Spot The Difference

You may remember (many months ago now) I reviewed Laidbare's For Richer, For Porer face mask and promised that a review of their Spot The Difference spot treatment cream would be forthcoming? No? I don't blame you, I'd forgotten too! Nevertheless, I'm here with my review at long last, so enjoy.
Laidbare Spot The Difference Review
I really like the packaging of Laidbare's products, using mainly white with pops of colour; the lime-green is lovely and zingy and I find it really appealing. The tube was contained in a cardboard box with plenty of product information: "Spot the difference in your skin, banish blemishes and prevent breakouts! Our treatment cream blends caffeine, a valuable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Horse Chestnut Oil to care for and soothe sensitive skin, while Fennel calms irritation and Chrysanthemum reduces lumps and bumps."
Laidbare Spot The Difference Review
The instructions recommend applying to cleansed skin, either on problem areas or just all over to help ward off breakouts; I generally apply this thinly all over my face as blemishes aren't picky about where they take up residence on me! A blob about the size of a five pence coin is enough for my whole face, so this 30ml tube is lasting ages! The cream has a lovely, almost fruity scent which makes it really pleasant to apply, but hasn't irritated my skin at all. I'll be honest, I didn't really notice much difference from using this product, and kind of stopped using it. It didn't seem to make spots disappear any more quickly, which was the main thing I was looking for. After a few weeks, though, I noticed an increase in the number of spots I was getting, which reduced again once I restarted using Spot The Difference. I think it's the kind of product that works gradually over a few weeks so that you don't really notice it, but you definitely miss it when it's gone!
Overall, I think this is a lovely product for helping to reduce the number of blemishes you get, although I haven't found it does much to reduce existing spots; it also claims to reduce shine, although I haven't really noticed a difference, but then my skin is extremely oily and it would take a LOT for me to notice a difference, so if your skin is only slightly on the oily side this may help you there too.
Spot The Difference is available from the Laidbare website priced at £6.99 for 30ml, which will last you months even used daily, so I think it's a pretty good price, although I was lucky enough to find mine in TKMaxx for £3.99 in the January sales. Laidbare products are also stocked in some Holland & Barrett stores, so it's worth having a look there if you're interested.
Have you tried any Laidbare products? What do you use to treat blemishes?

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  1. Wow I love this! I may have to get some for my hideous skin lol xxx

  2. I love this stuff, definitely works better as a preventative treatment I think :)

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. I'd really like to try this! My skin's been getting a little bad recently so hopefully this might help x

  4. Anything that helps to reduce blemishes is a winner for me, sounds pretty good, a decent price too!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  5. It doesn't sound like it has much in the way of ingredients that really helps get rid of blemishes. The one is an anti-inflammatory, but for acne you really need an anti-bacterial and one that helps clean out the follicles of the dead skin cells (anti-keralytic). Eveyln is right that it might be a prevantive more than a treatment. I am wondering why though, as none of those ingredients really work to prevent acne?

  6. thank you for the review and information! sounds like great products!!!
    I am your newest follower....pls follow back if you can.

  7. Oo this looks pretty good. My skin has been lousy lately - I think its because i've had hideous hayfever and been wearing a little too much makeup. Great product.



  8. I haven’t had chance to try this yet, but I keep reading that it is really good. Might have to treat myself... well it is the weekend! Great review xxx

  9. great review, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

    I'm hosting a ASOS giveaway on my blog, pop over and have a look if you want



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