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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Don't Believe The Hype

Sometimes, there's so much hype around a product that you just have to try it. This is, I think, especially the case for bloggers; you see your favourite blogs mentioning how amazing a product is and eventually you give in and splash out on something which you probably don't even really "need". And then, of course, you've heard how wonderful it is so many times that inevitably you end up being disappointed. Today I just want to share a few products which have been disappointments to me; either because they haven't suited me, or they just haven't met the standard I was expecting from all the glowing, raving reviews I'd read.
Products That Don't Live Up To The Hype
Soap & Glory's Hand Food is a much-loved product featuring in many a bedside table or "What's In My Handbag?" post; for me, it simply doesn't cut the mustard. It smells lovely but does nothing for my hands, in fact it dries them out, which I put down to the parabens and petroleum it contains. I reviewed Rimmel's Apocalips a few days back and as I mentioned there, I just can't find a way of making this work for me, although I love the shade. {Edit: I've since found a way to make Apocalips work for me, but I'm still disappointed it took so much effort!} Collection's cult Lasting Perfection Concealer hates my skin; it goes on cakey and creases within minutes of application, finding its way into every fine line and pore in reach and pooling there, generally looking dreadful. Finally, two Benefit products I've been less than enamoured with; The POREfessional is a good product but for me I think I'd heard one too many people claim it was amazing and was always going to be disappointed. It doesn't help my foundation last any longer and that's ultimately what I want from a primer. They're Real, meanwhile, isn't anywhere near as good as it claims, in fact it's no better than mascaras less than half its price, and several times more difficult to remove. I'm glad I got this free with a magazine before I gave in a purchased it, as it would've felt like wasted money.
Have you tried any of these and loved them? What's been your biggest disappointment product?

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  1. I'm actually putting up a disappointing products post this afternoon, and the main disappointment for me on there is the YSL foundation! I'm gutted...

    I cant get the Rimmel Apocolips to work for me either! x

  2. Collection lasting perfection concealer is so drying! It just cakes up and makes my skin all dry and looks really obvious! xx

    1. collection lasting perfection concealer emphasises the blemishes evn more by drying and caking up!!

  3. I don't like Hand Food either, I find it really greasy. I too have the magazine sample of 'They're Real' and whilst I like it I know I would never pay £18 for it as I think it is really overpriced as other mascaras for me can be just as good for half the price.

    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. Agreed with you about the rimmel apocalips, they aren’t good, I actually bought 6 of them from asos, the light shades are ok but the dark more intense ones are no really practical to use as they transfer to everything.
    big hugs <3

  5. I didn't get on at all with Apocalips, but I love They're Real!

  6. I have the hand food which I haven't tried yet, i'll see how I get on with it,


  7. Good post!! Love seeing what doesn't work for people as well!

  8. I'm currently doing a Disappointing Products series! The next installment will be on my blog in a couple of days :) I find that a lot of products people rave about don't agree with me too, especially the Soap & Glory Hand Food! I suffer from eczema and it made it flare up so badly :( Not a fan!

    Love, Hails x | www.hayerlily.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I quite like the Apocalips! But I admit, it's not the easiest thing to apply or to make look natural/not gloopy :)

    I am surprised to see the Hand Food here, I've always been so disappointed that it's so hard to find Soap and Glory products outside of the UK and that I could not try it, since everyone seems to love it, but now I feel a bit better and I think I will not be booking a flight to England just to get it ;)


  10. I tried all of the above apart from the concealer. I didn't really think that the benefit mascara was worth the hype, xoxo.

  11. I always loved the Porefessional, it leaves my face feeling so soft. However, I really dislike the Benefit mascara - don't see what the fuss is about.



  12. I'm not a fan of They're real either, definitely not worth the price!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  13. This is a great honest post. I'm glad you have posted a 'What I Don't Like' because not all products work for everyone. I have heard so much about 'They're Real!' but never felt urged to purchase it because I am not mad on the brush. 'Bog brush' mascaras rule :P x

  14. To be honest, I thought that a lot about all the the Soap and Glory products - great advertising but the products have never held up. Sadly.

  15. I feel the same about Hand Food, break out at the sight of The Porefessional but actually find They're Real to be pretty decent x


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