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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review: OPI Nail Envy

How To Treat Peeling Flaking Nails
I've always had long, strong nails which grow quickly and don't tend to break; it's partly good genes (my mum also has good nails) and partly due to drinking lots of milk! However, I have also always struggled with my nails splitting and peeling, and nothing I tried helped with this - I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the eczema I get on my hands. In desperation, I ordered a bottle of OPI's famous Nail Envy to see if it could help my poor nails. Containing hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium, Nail Envy claims to strengthen the nails naturally.
OPI Nail Envy Review
OPI Nail Envy
OPI Nail Envy Bottle
Below, you can see my nails before I began using Nail Envy; as you can see, every single one is just flaking and peeling at the tip. No matter how much I cut or filed those bits off, no amount of filing in one direction or not filing at all, seemed to help. As well as looking awful, this also meant that my nail polish was prone to chipping really quickly as the nails were weakened in the peeling areas.
OPI Nail Envy - Before
Nail Envy recommends that you apply two coats to clean, bare nails, and then additional coat every other day, removing the whole lot once a week and starting again. I'll admit, I didn't use it quite this religiously, as I couldn't bare to have naked nails that long. Instead, I've been using it as a base coat for whatever nail polish I've chosen to wear. I've then been adding a coat over the nail polish every day or two for the duration of the mani, although I use Seche Vite as a top coat when I'm actually painting my nails. I've been using it like this for around two months now.
OPI Nail Envy - After
At first, I didn't really notice a change, and then my nails seemed to get worse, before all of a sudden becoming almost perfect. As you can see above, I have one nail which is still peeling, the index finger on my left hand (on the right in the photo), but every other nail is completely free of the horrible peely, flakey mess that they were just a couple of months back. My nails are holding their length much better as they're thicker from not peeling away, and my nail polish is lasting longer as a consequence. For reference, I last cut/filed my nails around ten days before taking the "after" photos, and in the photo I'm wearing two coats of Nail Envy so you can see the subtle shiny finish it gives - perfect if you're not allowed to wear nail polish for school, work etc.!
Nail Envy is a product I would 100% recommend if you suffer from flakey, peeling nails and are willing to put in the time to reapply frequently. It's definitely a product I'll be continuing to use, both as a base coat and as a treatment over my nail polish, and I will be repurchasing once this bottle is finished. In two months I've used less than half a bottle, so I can see a bottle lasting me around six months altogether.
OPI Nail Envy is available from Boots priced at £18.65 for 15ml, or BeautyBay do a twin-pack for £35 which works out at £17.50 per bottle. I bought mine from this Amazon seller for around £9, so if you're happy ordering something like this off Amazon then that's obviously the cheapest option!
Have you tried OPI's Nail Envy? What do you use to help keep your nails in good condition?

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  1. this has definitely inspired me to buy another bottle of nail envy, the improvement between the first picture and the last is amazing, you have beautiful long nails! £9 is a steal compared to that Boots price :) xxx


  2. Thats so awesome, totally did make a difference!

  3. Ooo I'm definitely going to have to purchase that! I have such bad flaky nails, it's embarrassing.



  4. I'm definitely going to try this out now, I've kinda been on the fence about trying it in the past due to the cost. I have such weak, peeling nails that break so easily! x


  5. wow! i can see the drastic improvement.
    its rpetty expensive though.
    you should try olive oil massaging for your nail :)
    and soaking them in luke warm water.


  6. Wow what a huge difference in your nails :) I have this and for me I can't decide if it works or not. However, I'm so naughty and can easily bite all mine off if I get stressed out which sadly happens all too often. I'm currently regrowing them after falling down the stairs and breaking three so I'm using OPI to get them going again, I'm hoping to really take note now to see if it works :D

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  7. I've been using this here and there, but I think i will start using it more consistently so i can see real results.

    Uncover the Untold

  8. My nails seem to peel a lot and I don't know why! I will definitely be getting this! I love how you have done a before and after picture to show the results! :)



  9. Featuring you tomorrow! XOXO

  10. Gosh that's amazing! I was growing my nails but because of the flaking I chopped them all down again :( wish I saw this first!
    http://shemightbeloved.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  11. Just what my nails need I think. Thank you!

  12. I used to use NailTek years ago which does the same thing but have been wanting to try OPI Nail Envy because my oldest daughter uses it and it has transformed her nails like magic. Visiting from Agape Love Designs Pinterest party. :)

  13. Do you want to take over my bottle of O.P.I Nail envy original?????
    That stuff racked my nails
    I had some longer nails, but they peeled at the tips.
    After reading so many good reviews i bought a bottle...luckily it didn't cost me that much
    I started using...like it said 2 coats first day, every other another layer on top...on the 7th day everything off and start anew...this i did for 3 wks
    My nails started to break more then before and i had to cut them al the way back
    It looked like i was biting again :(

    So sorry i do not agree this is the best for flaking, peeling and breaking nails
    I noticed way to late it had Formaldehyde in it :(

    I have now sally hansen hard as nails, just to keep the layers glued untill it has grown out
    It has been 3 wk since i stopped nailenvy, and my nail are still in a bad shape


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