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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Different Kind of Mud

We're all familiar with mud masks in the beauty blogging community, but as I mentioned on Saturday, I've spent the weekend just gone volunteering at a local endurance event called Total Warrior UK, where there was plenty of mud of an altogether different variety. Spread over two days, the event involved around 6000 runners completing either a 10K or 10mile obstacle course (or in some cases, both!) including such obstacles as the 'Human Barbecue', 'Ball Breaker', 'Widow Maker', and my personal favourite 'You Tube'. I ended up manning the water station at the furthest point of the course, which also included covering three obstacles - 'Worm Muncher', the Hurdles, and 'You Tube'. I just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend and let you know that I have every intention of going back next year - I hope to complete the 10k race on the Saturday and then volunteer again on the Sunday, as it was an amazing experience and such good fun!
You Tube
Worm Muncher
You Tube, Worm Muncher, and The Hurdles
Finish Line
Monkey Bars
Approaching the finish line, Monkey Bars to reach the finish
Muddy Back
This is what happens when competitors hug/kiss you after The Hurdles - chest deep mud in places!

What did you get up to this weekend? Have you ever completed an endurance event like Total Warrior? Do you think I'm totally mad for wanting to do it!?

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  1. I've never completed an endurance event - don't think I'd have the stamina! I was pretty boring - I worked and blogged haha!

    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. I definitely need to get in training for it! Haha xo

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks like my absolute worst nightmare (you are totally mad!). Go you for doing it though!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


    1. I've not done it yet haha! It looks like such good fun though, and you've gotta love a challenge :) xo

  3. wow that looks really intense!
    http://shemightbeloved.blogspot.co.uk/ xx


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