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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How I Made Rimmel Apocalips Work For Me

Rimmel Apocalips Before & After
You may remember my somewhat negative review of Rimmel's Apocalips in the shade 'Apocaliptic', and how I closed by saying that whilst I loved the shade, I couldn't find a way to make the product work for me. Well, after a lot of trial and error, I have eventually found a way to apply it which prevents the bleeding and transferring I had problems with, although it doesn't do much for the longevity and still fades unevenly.
So how did I achieve this?! A lip brush. Yes, I know it comes with a wand. The wand is at least half of the problem, in my opinion, so I simply transfer the product from the wand to the tip of a clean lip brush, and use that for the application. I start by applying the bulk of the product to the middle of my bottom lip, then carefully outline my Cupid's bow and the rest of my upper lip. I then fill in my top lip, and repeat the process on my lower lip. I try to not quite reach the edge of my lip on the lower lip, to minimise bleeding. Then, I blot carefully using a piece of tissue to remove all excess and really press the product into the lip. I then use the brush to reapply over any areas which look a little faded. And, ta-dah! Neat, non-bleeding, non-transferring-to-my-teeth, lip colour.
How I Apply Rimmel Apocalips
Yes, it is a lot of faff for something that should be easy to apply with the wand provided, but for the amazing shade I feel like it's worth it on occasion. Applying this way also makes the product a lot more comfortable to wear; it feels less drying on the lips. It still fades quickly and unevenly, but I've found applying a lip balm and rubbing it in well at that point helps to even things out and still leaves a pretty stain behind, with none of the flaking and bleeding I experience previously.
Rimmel Apocaliptic
Have you had similar problems with Rimmel's Apocalips? Have you found a way to make them work for you yet? Will you be giving this a go?

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  1. Ah, well done for figuring out a way to make this work! If I can dig out my abandoned one I might give it a go this way :)

  2. wow!!! i love d way it came out so matte <3

    im yet to try apocalips :(

  3. This looks like a really lovely colour, I haven't tried this yet but have heard a lot!

    I like the difference of it being applied with a wand and its nice to see how people get things to last longer or look different, that's what make-up is all about having fun! :)

    Layla xx


  4. Ah the Rimmel Apocalips. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shade range so much but the formula is so well, rubbish.

    Although I don't mind using the wand (my method is to wipe excess off the wand on the edge of the tube) I just hate how they don't last long at all. I think an hour max is the amount of wear time I've got from one.

    Emily Jane xo

  5. ah this is really helpful, I've been avoiding using mine, despite being in love with the colour of the two I own (celestial and nova) so can't wait to try this out, thankyou! xx

  6. Ah, fantastic! Gave two of my three away...should really have tried this! oops x

  7. I absolutely love this colour on you, it suits you so well! Definitely a bit of a faff, but worth it for something so pretty <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  8. Who would have thought it looked so different when applied with a brush! I will try this out on days i want a matte look.

    Uncover the Untold

  9. loved the shade it looks nice on you


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