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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Recipe: Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta

Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe
I've been craving something creamy and lemony for a few weeks, so I finally threw this together one evening last week. I loved it, so much so I made it again on Saturday evening whilst my boyfriend was away, but he reckoned it was a little too lemony - as if such a thing exists! Because the chicken and vegetables are almost poached in the lemon juice, they're really tender and flavourful. The recipe below is for one person, but obviously you can easily multiply it to serve more people.
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 1
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 2
Start by dicing a chicken breast, placing in a bowl, and covering with lemon juice - the bottled variety is fine! Leave to marinate at room temperature for an hour. Dice half an onion, 2-3 mushrooms, and half a pepper (I used orange, but any colour would work equally well).
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 4
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 3
Add a tablespoon of oil to a frying pan, add the chopped veg, the chicken and the lemon juice marinade, and fry gently over a medium heat. Crush two small garlic cloves and add those to the pan. I'll admit I added another couple of tablespoons of lemon juice here, which may be where the "too lemony" claims arose from..
Meanwhile, cook 75g dry weight of pasta in a pan of stock with 1tbsp of lemon juice, according to the pack instructions - usually 10-12 minutes. I used spaghetti but you can use whatever type you have/prefer. Drain once cooked.
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 5
Once your chicken is cooked through and your vegetables are soft, transfer to the saucepan with the pasta, and add around 75ml of double cream (depending how creamy you'd like your pasta to be!) Stir thoroughly and heat gently for a couple of minutes to bring your pasta back up to temperature and heat the cream up.
Creamy Lemon & Chicken Pasta Recipe 7
This is a lovely, comforting meal which fills you right up and I can see myself making it again and again, whenever there is cream in the house! If you have a non-lemon-lover like I do, you could always half the amount of lemon juice, serve their meal first, then stir in a little more juice before serving your own.
Do you like lemon flavours like I do? Do you believe there's such a thing as "too lemony"?!

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  1. That looks so tasty, i'm always on the look out for new pasta meals - it's something we don't eat enough of so might just have to try this!

    1. It's definitely worth a try, it's really lovely and fresh :) xo

  2. Ooh this looks yummy! I have lemon chicken all the time but never considered making it creamy...until now! :)


    1. Neither had I until quite recently, but it works really nicely :) xo

  3. ooh I might have to try this sometime!


  4. This looks exquisite! I may have to cook tonight then.

    1. It is really tasty! I hope you enjoyed it if you ended up making it :) xo

  5. That looks amazing.. I'm going to have to try it out
    C xx

    1. It is really good! Hope you enjoy, I'd love to hear how you get on :) xo

  6. Oh my gosh this looks INCREDIBLE! I will definitely try this out - just wow! xx
    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. This looks sooo yummy, I'm definitely going to try it!
    Pretty Eclectic

  8. Ooh this looks lush! Deffo my kind of food lol. I love lemon aswell so this would be perfect for me. Making my stomach rumble and it's half eleven at night haha.

    Gem x


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