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Friday, 29 November 2013

How Much Water Are You Drinking?

It's recommended that we drink between 1.5-2L of water per day, with around 20% of that volume coming from the food we eat. Today, I just wanted to share a few of the benefits of making sure you get enough water, as well as my top tips for drinking more water!
Glass water splash
Keeping hydrated is essential for the body to function properly, since water is necessary to regulate temperature, provide your cells with nutrients, flush out toxins from your body, and a whole number of other functions. Your blood is made up of water, as is the fluid around your brain and spinal cord; without water, the body becomes dehydrated, resulting in headaches and fatigue amongst other problems.
Drinking enough water is also important to look good! Without adequate hydration, you're likely to suffer from dry nails and hair, as well as dull, dry skin and a greater chance of spots. I know I notice a difference in my skin when I drink more water, with my skin looking smoother, plumper and clearer when I've drunk plenty for the last couple of days.
So how can you make sure you're getting enough to drink? Well, the good news is that tea, coffee, fruit juice and cordial all count towards your daily intake! I like to start my day with a glass of orange juice with breakfast, which also helps top up your Vitamin C levels to ward off colds. I carry a bottle of water in my bag with my so that I can have a sip when I'm thirsty. And when I'm at home, I keep a bottle or glass on my desk, because out of sight really is out of mind! If it's there in front of me, I find I can go through a 1L bottle in an afternoon, easily. If you're not keen on the taste of water, try adding a dash of lemon, lime or cordial to it. If you're interested, you can check out this article for some more water facts, I found it really interesting!

[Please note this post is a PR collaboration; as always, this has not affected my opinions in any way and I'll only share content which I think is of value to my readers.]


  1. I drink around 1.5L per day, it really does make a difference to your skin x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I'm not drinking enough these days. I used to drink a lot more. I take medicine that makes me very thirsty, with severe dry mouth and you would think I would drink more! I will try my best to drink much more as I am constantly thirsty. Water is very good for the skin. It is important to hydrate it from the inside and outside.

  3. I never manage to drink that much water, but sometimes when I do, it makes me feel so much better :) Great post Jess! xo's

  4. Water is so important for overall health (: I tend to drink too much I think lol


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