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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Review: Detomaso Concetta Watch*

Detomaso Concetta Watch Review title
I was recently offered the opportunity to try out and review a Detomaso watch of my choice; after browsing the site and having a nosey at the available styles, I was thrilled to accept and chose the beautiful Concetta* watch in white. The watch arrived quickly from Germany via UPS, and within the black cardboard outer box it was beautifully presented in a brushed stainless steel tin, packed with protective foam.
Detomaso Concetta Watch Review
The watch itself was encased in plastic wrap to be completely certain that it reached me in perfect condition, which it did. Made of stainless steel and ceramic, with a mother of pearl dial and tiny sparkly stones surrounding the face, the Concetta is just gorgeous to look at.
Review Detomaso Concetta Watch
Concetta Watch Review
On removing the watch from its presentation tin, it became evident that I would need to have the bracelet altered; five links later, the watch actually fit my apparently tiny wrist! The bracelet clips together to fasten, with the mechanism feeling strong and secure once on the wrist. My only complaint with the watch lies here; the catch to release the mechanism can dig in ever so slightly when I bend my wrist - it only happens if I just catch it at the wrong angle and the catch is rounded so it doesn't hurt, but in the interests of an honest review I thought I'd mention it as it is uncomfortable.
Concetta Watch Detomaso
The watch feels heavier than I'm used to (probably because I've previously had leather straps rather than steel & ceramic bracelets!) but in a good way, like it's high-quality and well made. It's easy to set the time and date following the instructions in the enclosed book, but basically the crown clicks out once to set the date, and then clicks out further to set the time, before clicking back in. I really having the date on my watch, it's so handy as I truly am awful at remembering what day it is, never mind the date!
I love my Concetta watch, it's so lovely to look at, keeps time well so far, and because of its silver and white colours it goes with my whole wardrobe whilst still standing out on my wrist. The Detomaso Concetta Watch has an RRP of €229 (approximately £170), which I think makes it a fantastic choice either for yourself or as a gift, with the presentation tin making it ideal for the latter. The Concetta is also available in stainless steel with black ceramic, or rose gold with black ceramic, both of which look equally beautiful.
Have you heard of Detomaso Watches before? What do you think of the Concetta? Which colour would you choose?

[*Product provided for consideration.]


  1. Looks really pretty! :) xo's

  2. That watch looks gorgeous on you! I would choose the Rose Gold version just because I love that colour jewellery! xx

  3. Thhat watch is beautiful and looks amazing on! Love the silver/white combo :)


  4. This is lovely, what a nice opportunity :)
    I do like my metal watches, I like them to feel a bit heavier on.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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