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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blogger Secret Santa

First up - sorry for my extended absence! Some of you will know I was working night shifts in the run up to Christmas and that, along with being ill, basically ate up all my time so blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat. Things may still be a little hectic into the New Year as I'll hopefully be starting my new job on the 6th, but theoretically speaking should settle down after that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - did you get up to anything exciting?
Alright, down to business: having missed out on a Secret Santa last year due to budget issues, I was super keen to get involved so when I read that Vicki from A Life of Geekery was organising one, I was quick to sign up. With a budget of £15, we were each given a blogger to shop for, although I won't give away the surprise as to who I bought for just yet - I'll update with a link when she posts about it! Today I'm sharing the beautiful gift which Raphaëlle sent me. It was so beautifully wrapped but I forgot to take a photo of it before unwrapping - though I did Instagram it here when I received it.
Bloggers Secret Santa 2013
Tatty Devine Anchor Necklace
Raphaëlle sent me Benefit Prrrowl, which is a duo consisting of an iridescent mascara overcoat and a shimmery pink lipgloss, along with a beautiful baby blue anchor necklace from Tatty Devine - I love them both and will definitely be wearing the necklace a lot come Spring - once you can see jewellery for hoodies and scarves, that is! Thank you so much, Raphaëlle, for the beautiful gifts.
Did you take part in a Secret Santa this year? What did you receive? What's the best Secret Santa gift you've ever got (or given!)?

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  1. Jess you got lovely gifts! Thanks for sharing it with us! xo's

    1. Didn't I!? I was so lucky to get paired with Raphaëlle :) xo

  2. Ohh the necklace is so cute! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I love Secret Santa's :) i've never heard of the Benefit Prowl before, is it new? That necklace is adorable - I love Tatty Devine items! xx

    1. Neither had I so I'm not sure! I love Tatty Devine, too :) xo

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