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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gift Guides #3: Grandparents

I'm onto my third gift guide, and today I'm thinking about grandparents - sadly, I never met either of my grandfathers, but I'm lucky to still have both my Nan and my Gran. My Gran turned 90 at the end of last month, so I reckon she's due a good Christmas pressie! I find the older generation can be a little harder to buy for, personally, as they tend not to want things in the same way younger generations often do; therefore, I find, something useful is often the best way to go!
Christmas Gifts for Grandparents
1. Simon Carter Platinum Plated Owl Pendant, TK Maxx, £24.99
2. Mantaray Beige Hedgehog Embroidered Purse, Debenhams, £16
3. Parker IM Premium Metallic Pink Ball Point, WH Smith, £21
4. The Essential Diabetes Cookbook, Waterstones, £15
5. Teapigs Mug Gift Set, Teapigs, £13.50
6. Festive Hot Water Bottle, Primark, £5
7. Red Fair Isle Throw, John Lewis, £50
8. Pearl Trim Beanie, Asda, £6
9. Christmas Scented Handmade Candle, Not on the High Street, £8.50
Okay, so jewellery isn't necessarily useful, but this necklace is pretty and something I think most Grannies would appreciate and wear. A purse, on the other hand, is endlessly practical, and yet this Mantaray Hedgehog embroidered one from Debenhams is also really sweet and sure to gain endless compliments. Both my grannies are fans of making notes, keeping journals and sending hand-written notes, so a lovely pen like this one would be ideal for adding a touch of luxury to the everyday; although, knowing my Nan, it'd get lost in the bottom of one of her endless handbags within a week! Diabetes is unfortunately quite common in the older generations - both my grannies sadly struggle with it - but that's no reason to stop cooking, particularly when it's something you enjoy! This cookbook was written in association with Diabetes UK and promises diabetes-friendly yet still delicious recipes. Everyone loves a good cuppa, so this Teapigs giftset consisting of two types of tea and a lovely mug makes a perfect gift. There's a lot of concern about older people keeping warm enough during the Winter months, so I've included this lovely festive hot water bottle and blanket to help keep your loved ones cosy. The hat goes along the same lines, whilst still being stylish with the lovely knitted pattern and pearl detailing. Finally, Christmassy candles - again, a little bit more indulgent rather than practical, but I still think this would be a lovely gift and a welcome addition to anyone's home this Christmas!
So, those are my Christmas gift picks for Grandparents - I apologise if they're a little female-grandparent-oriented, but I do think they could easily be adapted - cufflinks, wallets and blue pens, for example. Do you get your grandparents Christmas gifts? What are you getting them this Christmas?

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  1. I never thought of doing a Grandparents gift guide, what an amazing idea! xxx

  2. Great post! Festive Hot Water Bottle looks very cool!

  3. Love this take on a gift guide - grandparents tend to get a little over looked in our blogging world, good on you for doing one.


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