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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Top Ten Christmas Jumpers

Now we're into December, it's officially Christmas in my mind - which means it's acceptable to start putting decorations up, getting excited about Christmas dinner and, of course, choosing the annual Christmas Jumper! I've put together a little top ten of some of my favourites, which I've split in half: the first half features "nice", traditional festive knitwear, whilst the second half is graced by the cheesiest, tackiest novelty jumperss I could find!
Christmas Jumpers
Penguin Sweater, Ravi Famous, £20
Polar Bear Jumper, H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, £40
Snowman Jumper, Matalan, £15
Jolly Fluffy Christmas Jumper, New Look, £24.99
Rudolph Face Jumper, Ravi Famous, £20
My Christmas Jumper last year featured a penguin, there's just something about them... I really like the bottle green colour of the Ravi Famous number, too. This Henry Holland Polar Bear jumper is super cute with his pink mittens, and there is also a lovely detail on the back, with the polar bear's rear end and its little tail - I love it! The Matalan Snowman Jumper is, technically, menswear, but I've never let that stop me before and I'm certainly not about to start now! I love the stars in the background and the snowman's lovely bright carrot nose. The New Look 'Jolly' Jumper features a stocking a candy canes, with a lovely tacky texture to boot. Finally, what's Christmas without Rudolph's glowing red nose? I particularly like his scarf on this one, too.
Festive Knitwear
Grey Snowflake Jumper, Mantaray at Debenhams, £40
Fairisle Jumper, Matalan, £18
Collection Fairisle Jumper, M&S, £28
I love the soft white and grey of the Mantaray Snowflake Jumper, it's so pretty. The Matalan Fairisle is a traditional print but still quite bold which I really like as I'm definitely not one for subtlety! M&S's contribution just screams traditional festive knitwear to me, it reminds me of something Ron Weasley would wear which just makes me love it even more! The New Look Snowflake jumper is a more modern take on a traditional motif and I think it works really well. Finally, this patterned-sleeve reindeer number from ASOS is the perfect bridge-jumper, for me, between cheesy and traditional; the reindeer is a bit more modern whilst the sleeves and tapestry-style print reindeer keep it a little more on the conservative side.
Which knitwear camp do you fall into? I'm definitely a cheesy novelty jumper girl, the more 3D features and glitter the better in my book! Which is your favourite of my top ten?



  1. Sooo many cute jumpers, I love to be able to snuggle up at this time of year :o). Xx


  2. so cute! I need to get an 'ugly' christmas sweater this year

    xx Liz

  3. Love the festive knitwear the most :) Great post!

  4. I love tacky Christmas jumpers so much but I don't own one (I don't know why!). I do have a super cute festive one though which I'm loving!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. The Debenhams jumper is so nice, I quite like the more 'nice' ones as opposed to the cheesy ones haha
    Amy xA Little Boat Sailing

  6. I really need to invest in a Christmas jumper!



  7. <3 there def seems to be a lot of love for christmas jumpers this year! :D <3

  8. i saw a great christmas jumper online yesterday, i will try to find the link! :D


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