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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Free Gift with any B. Purchase At Superdrug

Today I just wanted to share a little GWP which is currently available at Superdrug - I got this set on Tuesday and I'm not sure how long the offer will be running, so if you're interested I'd try and pick it up sooner rather than later! Basically, any purchase from the B. range (both make-up and skincare) qualified you for a free gift which contained B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer (cream eyeshadow), B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick SPF 15, B. Pure Micellar Water, B. Radiant Rejuvenating Serum and B. Active Day Cream. There may be other options available but this was the only one in my local store - the bottom of the packet tells you what you're getting so you could check easily. I bought the B. Energised Eye Cream at £4.47, currently half price, so I feel like I got a doubly good deal! The gift does only contain sample sizes but the lipstick and eyeshadow are pretty generous sizes, and I've wanted to try more of the skincare for a while so this is a great way to do so! I also received a coupon for £5 off when spending £15 on the B. range in store. The GWP doesn't seem to be available on the Superdrug site, so I guess this is an in-store only promotion.
B. Gift With Purchase at Superdrug
B. GWP at Superdrug
B GWP at Superdrug
B. Superdrug GWP
B. Eton Mess & Copper
The lipstick in 'Eton Mess' is a pretty nude-pink sort of shade, whilst the 'Copper' cream eyeshadow is exactly as the name would suggest, a bright coppery, shimmery shade which I can't wait to try.
Will you be trying to track down the B. GWP? Which product would you be most keen to try? Have you tried any of B.'s products in the past?

My Featured Blogger this month is the lovely Anna from AnnieMAC; hop on over to her blog for tutorials, reviews and more!


  1. This look really nice set :) I love when there is free gift with purchase :) Thanks for sharing it with us! xo's

  2. That is such a great little free gift with purchase set! I might have to see if my superdrug does this too!

  3. This looks great - I;m gonna see if I can run down and get one tongith!

  4. Great deal, I'll have to have a nosey in my local store!

  5. Gutted this is an in store offer only :(


  6. What a lovely GWP! This is abrand I haven't tried much from so this is a great way of testing a few more products. I am hoping my Superdrug has the offer on

  7. Ooh that's fabulous, I'm so tempted to have a look tomorrow.


  8. Ooh that copper shadow looks stunning! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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