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Monday, 13 January 2014

Holidays in the Mountains: What to Pack

There's never a bad time for a holiday and, with the winter looking like it's going to stick around for a while, why not use this opportunity to escape the humdrum of daily life for a week or two? You don't even have to go somewhere warm and sunny, either – there are plenty of fun-filled active holidays available in the mountains that will make you realise that cold weather doesn't always mean drab days. If you have some holiday left to use up before the end of the tax year, take the opportunity to use it once New Year celebrations are over and done with, so that you have a little adventure to look forward to!
You may be used to holidaying on golden sands and if that's the case, packing for a stint in the mountains may be a completely new experience for you to deal with. When it's a mountain break you're packing for, the contents of your suitcase will be completely different than what you may normally pack – no sarongs and flip flops needed! Instead, take a look at some of these essentials so that you won't be stuck out in the cold without the right apparel.
These are absolutely essential pieces of clothing so if you can fit in more than one chunky knit, do. Men's and women's knitwear is crucial for a mountain holiday, so that you can stay warm when you're not sat by the log fire. With plenty of options for women’s knitwear from George at ASDA, you don't have to look far to grab a great knit or two. Mix and match and pick a cardigan and a jumper or two, so that you are covered, no matter what you have planned. The same applies for the guys, as well.
Knitwear by George at Asda
No, we don't mean jewellery and pretty pashminas. With holidays in the mountains, it's more about the hats, scarves and mittens! The type of accessories you choose will depend largely on the style that you like to wear, but the chunkier the better to help keep the chill at bay. Opt for a glove that is thermal and snowproof too, especially if you're planning to do any winter sports during your trip. Ones that will still allow the use of your fingers without having to expose them to the elements will also help!
Winter Boots
A good, warm pair of boots that have sufficient grip to their bottoms (just in case you're faced with snow or patches of ice) will help massively. The last thing you want to happen during your mountain break is for you to come a cropper and a good pair of boots will prevent this from happening. Choose a waterproof pair so that your feet can stay dry and warm, too – that means no UGG boots, girls!
This may surprise you, but the sun can be just as strong when you're high in the mountains at the height of winter, as it is on the beach. You may not feel it burn, but it will, especially if you're out enjoying the ski slopes. Make sure that you take some with you and use it, no matter how cold it feels outside. The sun can still get you!
Pack sensibly and mix and match so that you can be as savvy as possible with what's in your suitcase. You'll soon realise that holidays in the mountains are just as unforgettable and worthwhile as the ones on the beach are!
[Please note this is a sponsored post. However, I'm sure you all already know how much I love George!]
I have to say, some of my favourite holidays have been those spent walking up Ben Nevis in Scotland or cycling in the North Yorkshire dales! What are your holiday essentials? Would you consider a more out-of-the-way holiday destination, or do you tend to stick to beaches and city breaks?



  1. I was really hoping this would be a post on winter sun holidays (maybe an idea for your next un-sponsored posts).

    I've never been somewhere sunny in January before and I can't for the life of me imagine what 20-25 degrees is going to feel like haha.

    Still a good post. Shame I'm not off up the mountains for a spot of skiing!

    Em x

    1. Aw sorry to disappoint you Em! ;D To be honest, 10° sounds pretty warm at the moment, never mind 25°... xo

  2. Pack in a lot of jackets and comfy boots...I love holidaying in the mountains hun...Lovely post :)

    M following ya on fb,bloglovin n g+...would love a follow back hun :) <3

    1. Thanks for following, Saniya! Definitely agree that warm clothes and comfy footwear are essentials :) xo

  3. No girl can have too many sweaters and these are definitely some great picks!!

    The Tiny Professional

    1. I totally agree, too many cosy clothes is not a real thing! :) xo

  4. Lovely jumpers!



    1. Thanks Jessica, George often have some right gems in :) xo

  5. the black stripe jumper looks really pretty


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