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Friday, 17 January 2014

NOTD: Illamasqua 'Faux Pas'

As I mentioned in my post about my Sales Purchases, I couldn't resist ordering Illamasqua's nail polish in 'Faux Pas' for the bargain price of £5 compared to its usual RRP of £14.50. Then, of course, I couldn't resist trying it almost immediately! The polish applied beautifully, with one coat giving a perfect, opaque coverage. It dried quickly to their rubber finish, which I'd describe as semi-matte; a striking look, but one I was slightly disappointed by as I was kind of hoping for a latex-like finish which obviously I didn't get - that's just me, though! I also found that the rubber effect wore off after around a day and a half, with the polish starting to look like a regular glossy polish, as is the case with most matte polishes. The colour is gorgeous, a deep rich purple with cool undertones, which I've really liked wearing. Unfortunately, I haven't found that it's worn particularly well, probably due in part to not using a top coat so as to get the most of the rubber effect. Within two days I'd experienced significant, noticeable tipwear, which I find quite a let-down from a brand as hyped (and expensive!) as Illamasqua. That aside, this is a shade I would wear with a topcoat for a glossy finish as the colour is worth it for me. The photos below show one coat of 'Faux Pas' over my old friend Nail Envy; on the left of the collage, photos taken with flash show the semi-matte finish, whilst the ones taken in natural light on the right are more accurate in terms of the colour.
Illamasqua Faux Pas
NOTD Illamasqua Faux Pas
Did you grab any bargains in Illamasqua's sale? Have you ever tried their Rubber Effect polishes? What do you think of 'Faux Pas'?

My Featured Blogger this month is the lovely Anna from AnnieMAC; hop on over to her blog for tutorials, reviews and more!


  1. Just found your blog, love the design and lay out! about to browse through more, now following :) xxx

    Florals & Corals

    Lucy xx

  2. I have their rubber polish in 'Vice' which is like a darker purple, I love it! It's such an unusual finish and not like anything else I have!

  3. Amazing colour :)


  4. Both colors look fab! I haven't tried any of their products yet :(

    Pink Frenzy

  5. I never tried their rubber polishes but love these colors.

  6. The colour is amazing! It's a shame the formula isn't quite as amazing as it could have been though

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  7. This is a gorgeous shade! It's a shame the wear time isn't so good x


  8. I need this shade! I really love Illamasqua polishes. Some of my favourite and I love the bottles! xo

  9. I bought a similar color like that from MAC a few years ago and i loooved it. it's such a fun shade and really ads some oomph to your outfits :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Illamasqua is my favorite make up brand right now! Such amazing shades.


  11. It's a shame that this chipped, maybe with a top coat it will be a lot better :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  12. What a fun color! Love that flat look too!

  13. Wow, this polish is awesome! xx



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