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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Review: Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer

I purchase Pop Beauty's Face Magnet Primer from ASOS some time ago now, but was very restrained and didn't start to use it until I'd finished up some of my many existing primers. I'm always on the hunt for a product which will help to keep my oily skin looking matte and prevent my make-up disappearing through the day, and this sounded pretty promising.
Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer Review
"This anti-shine primer maximises makeup stay for all day wear. Firming, brightening and UV-light protective antioxidant primer works like a magnet for all face makeup. Formulated with Caffeine to energize the skin, reduce puffiness and slim face contours, and Liquorice Root extract to soothe and reduce redness while evening out your skin tone. Oil-free and Vitamin E infused, it eliminates shine and leaves skin looking flawlessly smooth with a delicate porcelain finish."
Review Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer
The flat lid means the tube stands upright on my dressing table, which means it's easy to dispense the white, cream-like product through the fine-tipped nozzle. I follow the directions, massaging this over my skin before applying the rest of my make-up. I have to say, it has a very bizarre smell, and not in a good way - I really do not enjoy the scent of this product. I have also found it quite difficult to apply; it takes a fair bit of blending to work into the skin properly. However, these are both points I can overlook if it works well for me!
I've only tried the primer with liquid foundations, and have found that applying them with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as usual just does not work; no matter how much I blend, I haven't been able to get rid of the brush strokes, and have resorted to working my foundation in with my fingers, which is much more effective. This is annoying but again, I'm prepared to overlook this if it means my make-up lasts better and my face doesn't go shiny! (It also means less make-up brushes to wash, which I guess is a bonus..!)
And, believe it or not, it does just that! I have, at last, found the product which can keep my forehead shine-free all day. This is quite frankly verging on a miracle as far as I'm concerned, since my skin is so oily that usually my forehead is shiny within an hour or two of doing my make-up. So for me, it's more than worth the unpleasant scent of the product and the hard work taken to blend it into my skin and then blend in my foundation on top, because it means my make-up stays put until I'm ready to take it off. I couldn't believe how effective this was the first couple of times I used it, but now if I use another primer instead I really notice the difference, particularly on my forehead.
All in all, I'd say this does exactly what it claims, acting as a magnet which sticks my foundation to my face and does not allow it to shift. Okay, so the scent leaves a lot to be desired and it takes a little more effort to apply my make-up over it, but for me it's worth it as my skin is so oily. If this isn't something you struggle with then I wouldn't suggest it's worth it but if your skin is anything like as oily as mine then this is worth a try for certain!
Pop Beauty's Face Magnet Primer is available from ASOS priced at £16.50 for 35ml of product; yes, it's quite expensive, but less so than the likes of Benefit's The POREfessional and, in my experience, a lot more effective to boot. This is definitely a product I'll be repurchasing and, as I said, one that I'd recommend to anyone who struggles with oily skin, face-shine, and their make-up sliding or going patchy. I'm seriously considering trying the powder from the same range!
Have you tried any of Pop Beauty's products? What's your favourite primer?
[Please note this product was purchased with ASOS gift vouchers; I have not been paid or compensated for this review in any way, and as always all opinions are 100% my own!]
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  1. This looks great for oily skin! :)

  2. I have this but I only tried it once. I will have to take another look at it in the summer when my skin is a little bit more oily. I am happy for you, a holy grail primer is a good thing to have found!

    1. It's definitely worth revisiting if your skin is on the oily side! :) xo

  3. Replies
    1. It is, it's perfect for what I want from a primer! Thanks, Rachna xo

  4. I always forget to use primer.... I have a few different ones and always remember about them mid-way through make up application at which point I decide not to bother! Glad you found one that does what you want it to though :)

    1. You probably don't need it if you forget to use it! I can't go without it haha :) xo

  5. I'm always on the look out for a good primer. I have oily/combination skin too but rather than my forehead being shiny like yours it tends to be the very middle of my chin and the end of my nose! I'd definitely give this a go it does sound great


    1. This is definitely worth a try then, it does an amazing job at keeping the shine away for me! :) xo

  6. Never heard of this, looks interesting and different from the primers I've tried.



    1. I hadn't either til I spotted it on ASOS! It's fab, so glad I found it :) xo

  7. Its first time I hear about this brand, but it sounds like amazing product for people who have oily skin. xo's

    Pink Frenzy


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