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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sales & Christmas Money Purchases

I've not done a post about what I received for Christmas this year - mainly because, although I love having a nosey at other people's posts, I didn't receive much that I think other people would find interesting! We're talking a slow cooker, a cow-print onesie, a lot of knickers and more chocolate than you can shake a stick at.. What I am sharing, however, is what I've picked up in the sales, and what I've treated myself to with the little bit of Christmas money I was lucky enough to receive. Since I ended up working Boxing Day, I couldn't bring myself to go shopping afterwards and so I missed the first day of the sales when the best bargains were to be had, but I didn't need to buy anything major so I didn't mind too much. Mostly I've just stocked up on things I'd be buying anyway!
Sales Buys Primark 1
Sales Buys Primark 2
Firstly, in Primark, I bought this lovely maroon smock-style top in the sale for £5, along with the plain black camisole top for £3 to wear under it, as it is slightly sheer. I also picked up this brown cross belt for £1 (although on a S/M hanger, this turned out to be a L/XL, resulting in me having to hack holes into it as I was NOT going back to Primark to return a £1 belt!), plus two pairs of skinny jeans at £7 per pair - full price! Primark jeans are actually the best fitting jeans I've ever found, and I really struggle because my thighs are huge compared to my waist and hips, and my legs are really short!
Sales Buys TKMaxx
In TKMaxx, I picked up this lovely stripey long-sleeved top for £5.99, and three bras as several of mine (including my favourite M&S bra) have parted company with their underwires lately - sad face. None of these were actually in the sale, but at £5.99 for the red leopard number, and £7.99 for the two others, I'm not complaining. I promise none of them are actually as garish as these photos seem to make them appear!
Sales Buys Illamasqua
I placed a cheeky Illamasqua order, only buying one thing after it seeing it on their Facebook page and being unable to resist - Faux Pas nail polish, which is a beautiful purple colour in their rubber finish. I've not tried it yet but am immensely excited about this purchase as it's my first-ever Illamasqua product! This was £5.
Sales Buys Tara's Talons
I ordered three polishes from Tara's Talons, a UK Indie nail polish brand who I interviewed back in September - I chose 'Embankment', 'Winter Wonderland' and 'B-Angel', and can't wait to share these with you. These may have been my first Tara's Talons polishes, but I have a feeling they won't be my last! The two 10ml polishes were £6.50 each, and the smaller 5ml was £3.50.
Sales Buys Xtras
Having finished my beloved W7 HD Foundation towards the end of last month, I splashed out (that's a joke - it was £3.99) on a new bottle from Xtras and waited impatiently for it to arrive, as none of my others were living up to its lovely coverage and perfect match for my skintone!
Sales Buys Lush
Lush's 50% off sale drew me in, although I was quite restrained! I picked up their much-raved-about Santa's Lip Scrub for £2.75, along with a Snow Fairy Massage Bar (I adore the scent but the shower gel contains SLS, sob!) for £2.47 and a Star Light, Star Bright bath melt for £1.65 - I couldn't resist the glitter! Whilst I was in, I also bought their Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, full price at £5.95.
Sales Buys Poundland
Picking up some essentials in Poundland, I spotted a new stand of nail polishes by a brand called Jess - how was I supposed to resist that!? I chose two, 'Ibiza' which is a pretty blue glitter with holo, and 'Breathless' which is a pinky-blue duochrome which reminds me of Models Own's 'Indian Ocean'. I'm looking forward to trying these out and seeing what they're like quality-wise!
Sales Buys The Body Shop
Last but not least, I popped into The Body Shop and picked up their Papaya Body Butter for £5 (actually, it was £4.50 by the time I got my Love Your Body discount on top of the sale price!). I then did what I did last year - came home and ordered a load more things from their sale online! I really love their body butters so now seemed like a good time to stock up - I ordered two Almond Body Butters, again working out to £4.50 each, along with their Rainforest Balance Haircare Kit for £2.70 (I've been wanting to try the Rainforest range and this seemed like the perfect way to try it!), the Oil Burner for £6.30 (I actually bought one of these in a sale a few years ago, then dropped the bag on the way home and smashed it :'( ), and the Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil for £3.50 - I was eying this up at the #TBSXmasBonanza but at half price I just couldn't say no! I've also just realised I forgot to include the Papaya Body Butter in my photo - whoops.
Phew! - I think that's it! I tried not to go overboard as, like I said, I didn't need anything major so I just bought myself a couple of little treats and stocked up on things I know I'll use. I also bought part of the boyfriend's birthday present, but I'm not sharing that on the off-chance he's reading - his birthday isn't til April but it's a big one this year so I'm trying to be organised!
Did you treat yourself to anything lovely from the sales? What's been your best-ever sales bargain? Please let me know if you've posted about your sales purchases as I'm super-nosy and would love to have a read!

My Featured Blogger this month is the lovely Anna from AnnieMAC; hop on over to her blog for tutorials, reviews and more!


  1. Great buys! I bought a lovely top from New Look for £7, two pairs of slippers at £2.50 each, a mass of TBS items (including the almond butter that I just slathered myself in, nom!) and a couple of bras from m&S :) x

  2. I have a couple of the rubber-finish Illamasqua polishes and they're amazing!
    also went a bit crazy with the Body Shop body butters and have like six new full ones to be working through!

  3. Feel like trying Papaya body Butter!

  4. Loved the nail polishes & striped shirt. I love striped shirts :)

    1. You can't go wrong with a stripey top, and this one is great for layering :D xo

  5. I like the bras and the Illamasqua nail polish. Love Illamasqua! Looks like you got a lot of nice things. Merry Christmas to you!!!!

  6. Great purchases! Pretty bras and jealous of the lush products!
    Brittany's Secret

    1. Thanks Brittany! The Lush stuff all smells so good <3 xo

  7. I need an oil burner for a candle melt I have, I can't use it at the moment as I have nothing to use it in...silly me. You picked some lovely things in the sale Jess! The Illamasqua nail polish looks lovely, I look forward to seeing what you think of it as I have never tried their nail polishes before.

    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Oh you've just reminded me I have a Yankee Candle wax tart somewhere, I must dig it out and use it now I have a burner! You'll have to look out for the Illamasqua polish next weekend Amy ;D xo

  8. Love all your nail varnishes! I really need some new ones :)
    Gonna check out Taras talons, those colours are amazing!

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. Ohh I'd love to know if you get anything from Tara, she has some beautiful polishes!! xo

  9. Nice hauls. Lovely wayto start the new year. I need to stock upon myThe Body Shop body butters too.

    1. You can't beat a bit of shopping to get the year off to a good start! I always stock up on the body butters in the sale as they're such good prices! :) xo

  10. Awesome haul Jess.. I love lush & TBS stuff!

  11. Wow...that's a lot of things :) Love the Body Shop goodies you got! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

    1. I always go a bit mad in the Body Shop's sales haha :) xo

  12. Those bras look absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Love your choices of nail polishes too babe ;)


  13. Fab purchases! I love the colour of that illamasqua polish! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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