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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Interview Outfit Tips

Being offered an interview for a job you would love is simultaneously one of the most exciting, and daunting, concepts you will have to deal with when it comes to your working life. It's not just the idea of the actual interview, either – the questions you’ll be asked, the answers you'll be expected to give and the overwhelming desire to show a little personality to stand out from the crowd – it's the build up to the interview, too. Preparing yourself ahead of an interview can mean the difference between being offered the position or being let down; making sure you have researched the role and done all that you can to prepare yourself will ensure that by the time the interview arrives, you will have the confidence and knowledge to succeed. However, the worries don't stop there - you also have an interview outfit to think about!
What you wear to an interview will depend largely on the type of establishment you're going to see and the industry in which you hope to work. If you're being interviewed for a managerial position, or for a company that expects their employees to look formal and business-like at all times, you will be expected to wear a completely different outfit than somewhere a little more casual. Make sure, before even considering what to wear for your interview, that you know the type of person they want to employ, and dress accordingly.
It's important to make a great first impression – after all, this tends to be one of the things that the interviewer will remember you by – so here are a few helpful tips and pieces of advice that will help you choose a killer outfit which will be a contributing factor to you bagging the job of your dreams.
• For men, a smart shirt and pair of tailored trousers should be the minimum. Depending on the formality expected, you may wish to wear a two piece suit and tie as well, or for a more casual environment, smart trousers and a cool jacket or blazer. Make sure that clothes are ironed, too.
• For women, pencil skirts are a winner. They're a great way of looking sophisticated and business-like, without showing off too much skin. Team with a flattering blouse with a statement collar, and court shoes, for a formal, interview-perfect outfit. Don't worry too much about spending a fortune on interview gear either; you can find some gorgeous outfits, including Pencil skirts from George at ASDA, for affordable prices.
Interview Outfits from George at Asda
• Make sure that you look your best. Wash and style your hair, paint your nails a subtle colour, add some natural makeup and wear some delicate perfume so that your scent doesn't overpower the room as soon as you walk in.
• Give the HR department a call if you'd like to find out more information about the dress code. It's a good idea to dress like you're already part of the company, so that they can see that you'd be perfect for the position.
Most of all, don't overdo it but make sure that you're dressed the part. While clothes alone won't get you the job, dressing appropriately will definitely help your chances!
What do you like to wear for an interview? Which of the skirts above is your favourite? Do you have any top tips for interview outfits, or interviews in general?

[Please note this is a sponsored post.]


  1. Perfect - I love the first and last, great for an interview! xxx

  2. All fantastic advice! I think as well a good tip although obvious is make sure your outfit fits - especially with more formal wear. You dont want to look like youre wearing your dads jacket and dresses or pencil skirts that are too tight are a no-no. You want to be as comdortable as possible :)

  3. the thing about dressing like you belong is so important, I've learnt not to just stick to the same smart outfit, I turned up to an interview for a club in shorts, tights and a nice top and got the job, it's important to not look like your mum told you what to wear (if you're young) but to get your personality across :)

  4. I'm so glad I haven't had to go to a job interview for years! These are great tips though for if I ever need them!

  5. Thanks for the tips, it is really important to make a good first impression =D

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    check out my latest giveaway too if you'd like ^_^

  6. Great tips! For tips on dressing the top half--Nothing revealing! ♥b


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