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Saturday, 22 February 2014

#NailArtWeeklyProject 4: Birth Month

Wow, the last week has flown by with not a single post on my blog - sorry guys! This has basically been a combination of our Internet going down in the storms last week, and then having the little ones for half term this week - I've barely had time to shower, never mind think about blogging! Nevertheless, I'm back now, with my post for week four of Danni's #NailArtWeeklyProject; this week the theme is Birth Month. I was born in September and not much happens in September, so I decided to work with my birth stone, which is a Sapphire. I've not done any leopard print nail art in aaages and it's one of my favourites, so I decided to do that! I started with two coats on Barry M 'Blueberry' from the Gelly Hi-Shine range, with three coats of Born Pretty's Holo Polish in shade 8 on my ring and index fingers. I then dotted the Born Pretty polish randomly onto my other three nails, before roughly outlining the splodges with my black Barry M Nail Art Pen. I then called my Gran whilst I waited for the polish to dry (that woman can talk - I can see where I get it from!) before applying a coat of Jacava London's top coat for a lovely glossy finish. February weather isn't the best for capturing holo polish in its true beauty, but we did have a bit of sun this morning so hopefully these photos are halfway decent. The first is in natural light, and the others are in direct sunlight.
#NailArtWeeklyProject Birth Month
NOTD #NailArtWeeklyProject
#NailArtWeeklyProject NOTD Birth Month
#NailArtWeeklyProject September
I'm actually really happy with how this turned out, I love the holo leopard spots! This is definitely my favourite mani from the #NailArtWeeklyProject so far. What do you think? What would you pick for nail art inspired by your birth month? Let me know if you've posted for this week's theme!


  1. Love the combination :) I love some leopard print! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Wow gorgeous! I love the look of that glittery blue polish, it's so shiny! Your nails are really nice too haha, mine keep breaking at the moment :(!

  3. Look absolutely fab ! Follow me on my blog , i'll be grateful ;)

  4. These are fantastic Jess! You're getting so good at this nail art business :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. i adore that glittery shade!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  6. This is awesome...v pretty<3
    my recent post :Inglot Eyeshadow DS square 504 Review,Swatches and EOTD

  7. Great leopard print! And that holo polish is Sooo nice!

  8. Wow I just love this design so pretty! Very impressive I would love to be able to do this! :O xx


  9. So so pretty. Love the colour too <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  10. Love this pattern and colour combo! So nice :)

    Steph xo | Influence Blog

  11. Very pretty! I love the pattern.



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