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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tag: The 'Not Another Tag!' Tag

The lovely Hayley created this rather tongue-in-cheek tag which I thought was quite good fun; so, although I've not actually been tagged to answer the questions, I thought I would anyway - what a rebel! I hope you enjoy reading my answers, and if you've done the tag yourself please do let me know!!
The Not Another Tag Tag
The Rules
You must mention both Hayley & the person who tagged you in your post (and the rules too).
Once you've answered all your questions you need to tag 5 people.
Also if you tweet me the link to your post (@teapartybeauty) I will RT.
If you are tagged & don't do the post you will have bad luck for 68.5 years. FACT.
1. You've made it BIG & bagged some VIP Fashion Week tickets. You lucky devil, you. But in your rush to get there & get yourself noticed, you forgot your VIP Passes. The guy on the door says he will cut you a deal; you can go in only if you sacrifice either your Front Row seat, backstage privileges or goody bag. What's it gonna be?
I'd lose the backstage privileges - I wouldn't be that fussed at all as long as I had a good view of the actual shows, and I wouldn't want to lose the chance to get some lovely new bits and pieces to play with!
2. You're making a new Subscription box, what 4 items & which dreaded perfume sample would you include in it?
Ooh this is a fun one! Taking it seriously, I'd like to see a foundation actually suited to my skin tone - is that so much to ask!? I'd go for a blusher in a wearable shade, maybe a peachy coral for Spring? A pretty, neutral cream eyeshadow which would be perfect as a base for other shades... And a Tangle Teezer because I really want to try one! As for perfume - I'm really not too sure, maybe a Jimmy Choo scent as I do love those.
3. What's your biggest blogging bugbear? The one thing guaranteed to make your blood boil & have you screaming/eye rolling at your laptop?
Poor spelling and grammar; I honestly can't be bothered reading the same sentence three or four times trying to figure out what it's supposed to mean. I know not everyone can spell well but honestly, every computer has a spell/grammar checker!? They're not foolproof but some of the blogs I've seen have obviously never been anywhere near one.
4. No more joining in Twitter chats only slightly relevant to your blog. You can only join in one blogger chat a week for the rest of your blogging days, which one's it gonna be & why?
The only chat I ever actually (occasionally) take part in is the #bbloggers one on a Sunday (and Wednesday when I remember), so I guess I have to go with that!?
5. 'Fess up, do you actually own any MAC? If so what don't you like about the product?
I do. I have one lipstick, five eyeshadows, and one Mineralize Skinfinish. I do like them but think they're all way over-priced for what they are!
6. The Blogging Gods ban arm swatching, which body part will you swatch on now?
Ooh. Maybe my ribs. Just for fun.
7. You can no longer have Yankee Candles & Perfume Bottles in the background of your shots, what other inanimate object will you choose?
I don't use either as photo backgrounds! I actually just use some wallpaper samples, and occasionally my carpet/curtains. I really like flowers in photo backgrounds, though!
8. Your blog's Instagram - is it for cats or meal shots?
In my case it's actually dogs - and meal shots! Also sunrises/sunsets, and mega close-ups of my outfits/accessories/make-up. I'm such a cliché!

I'm tagging Kel, Laura, Amy, Jennie and Rachael! Your turn, ladies - you don't want 68 and a half years' bad luck, now, do you!?



  1. Thanks for tagging me :) Loved reading your answers! xo's

  2. Thank you for tagging me Jess! Grammar can be a bug bare of mine too, I tend to forgive silly errors to be honest nobody is perfect and I often can make them myself. At the moment I have noticed I use 'it's' in places where it should be 'its', I never used to do this so I have no idea what I have started to!

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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