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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Empties: May 2014

Hello, End of May - when did you sneak up on us!? Saying that, May has seemed like an extraordinarily long month, there was a point around the 20th where I didn't think payday would ever arrive! However, here we are, and here is yet another small mountain of empty packaging heading for the recycling; I've finished a lot of products in May, so apologies for the mammoth post!
May 2014 Empties
May 2014 Empties 1
Bochéry Cicatrizel* As I mentioned in my review, I used this mainly on the eczema on my hands and found it to be quite effective in rehydrating my chapped, dry skin. However, it's really quite expensive for what it is, and I found that this tube didn't last me very long at all.
Repurchase? No, as it's pretty pricey for how long it lasted and I didn't feel it was a miracle-worker.
Rimmel Clear Complexion Pressed Powder I've only used this as a touch-up powder during the daytime, as I prefer a loose powder to set my makeup as I apply it, so I really wouldn't like to comment on whether or not it's effective in clearing up the complexion. As far as I'm concerned, this is really just a pretty basic pressed powder and I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it again; it did the job but wasn't anything special.
Repurchase? Maybe.
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter This huge pot of body butter came as part of my Soap & Glory Best Of All set way back at Christmas 2012; whilst I love the scent, I found that the body butter didn't really hydrate my skin as much as I'd have liked, meaning I rarely used it and it's taken me ages to finish off.
Repurchase? No, because it just didn't seem worth bothering using it!
Boots Cotton Wool Double-Faced Pads One of life's essentials for eye makeup remover, toner and nail polish remover; these are cheap and cheerful and do the job just fine, I think I bought them when they were on offer and I'd buy them again if they were on offer again, but I wouldn't seek them out because to be honest, a cotton pad is a cotton pad as far as I'm concerned!
Repurchase? Maybe.
FCUK Pure Body Spray This came in a gift set I don't know how many Christmases ago now, and I really wasn't a fan of the overly-floral scent. However, I've persevered with it and have finally finished it off! Definitely not one I'd purchase again as I haven't really enjoyed using it.
Repurchase? No, the scent isn't for me at all.

May 2014 Empties 2
Batiste Pixie Lott Fun & Floral Dry Shampoo I bought this new release purely for the sake of trying something different and have really liked the fresh, floral scent, which seems to last quite well in my hair. It's as effective as my usual Tropical choice and freshening up my second-day hair, although I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't seem to be available in my local Superdrug - I've only found it in Boots so far.
Repurchase? Already have.
PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Hair Mask This was a giveaway win a while back now, and whilst I've really enjoyed using the mask and found it did have a good short-term effect on my hair, I haven't noticed any longer-term improvements, which I'd expect from a product in this price bracket to be honest.
Repurchase? Probably not, it's quite pricey for what it is.
Soap & Glory Show Good Face Foundation I've really enjoyed using this foundation, despite it not really living up to its claims of being a two-in-one primer and foundation; I've still been using a separate primer underneath. It does give a good level of coverage, though, which lasts well when set with powder.
Repurchase? Maybe.
ELF Liquid Eyeshadow I wouldn't say I've technically "finished" this product, but it's dried up to be totally unusual, so I've had to chuck it. I've had it a while (we're talking a couple of years!) but can't remember using it more than once or twice, so I probably wouldn't buy this again.
Repurchase? Unlikely.
St. Ives Apricot Scrub I won this in a giveaway and the 150ml tube has seriously lasted me around a year of using it every other day. I love St Ives scrubs and have used them on and off for about ten years, and I did really enjoy using this one. I can't say I noticed any difference from the regular scrubs and I don't think this had any impact on how blemish-prone my skin was, but nonetheless it was nice to use.
Repurchase? Probably not, as I've fallen in love with The Body Shop's Vitamin C Microdermabrasion!
Naked Soft Touch Starflower Body Wash This is an Empties staple for me, it appears pretty much every month. I love it for leaving my skin feeling clean and soft, whilst not upsetting my eczema thanks to being SLS-free. It's also often on offer at Boots, I bought a few bottles at half price a couple of months ago so I still have those in my stash!
Repurchase? Yes!

May 2014 Empties 3
Naked Volume Body-Building Shampoo It's rare for me to publish an Empties post which doesn't feature this shampoo, and May is no exception; I'm still loving this for it's fab cleaning abilities which don't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighted down, whilst also being SLS-free which makes my eczema-prone skin exceedingly happy! It also smells amazing.
Repurchase? Already have!
Naked Smooth Silky Conditioner Another Naked staple here, I find this perfect for keeping my dry ends smooth and healthy. It has a lovely grapefruit scent and because it doesn't contain silicons, I've found that I'm getting a lot less spots on my chest and back since switching to this conditioner.
Repurchase? Already have.
W7 HD Foundation in 'Buff' I've raved about this foundation plenty, and this was my second bottle; 'Buff' is a perfect match for my fair skin, and the foundation gives the ideal level of coverage whilst lasting well on my oily skin once set with powder. It's love! I'm on a mission to finish up a couple of my other almost-empty foundations now, and there are a couple of new ones I'd like to try, but I'll definitely be going back to this little beauty sooner rather than later.
Repurchase? Yes.
Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream This hydrated my skin well but I didn't feel it was well-suited to my skin type, leaving me with quite a greasy feeling to my face come morning. For this reason, I'll not be buying this again; my search for the perfect moisturising products for my oily skin continues!!
Repurchase? No.
Collection Loose Powder in 'Barely There' This is an absolute staple for me, I use it daily to set my foundation and help keep my oily skin under control. A pot seems to last me around six months which, for the price point, is pretty good, and I don't really feel any need to try any fancier or more expensive powders when this does what I need it to.
Repurchase? Already have.
Garnier Mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant I have no idea how long I've had this in my bathroom, but it has lasted ages even once I started making a conscious effort to use it up! I much prefer stick deodorants to sprays, but have found this nice to spray on as I'm leaving the house for work just to freshen up a little and give my usual deodorant a little bit of a boost. That said, I won't be buying it again as I have purely been using it to get rid of the can on my shelf.
Repurchase? No.
So, there you have my excessive hoard of Empties from May! Are you impressed!? What have you finished up this month? Have you tried and loved (or hated!) any of these products?



  1. I did buy that Nivea night cream a while ago and I thought it was okay, nothing special but did the job of moisturising. It was definitely on the greasy side though. Batiste make pretty good dry shampoos (the tropical is my favourite) but I prefer Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk which I think is a lot better. The St Ives Apricot Scrub was an old favourite of mine but I stopped using it because I thought it was a bit too abrasive, I've since switched to chemical exfoliants mainly through my toner that I use after cleansing at night.

  2. Quite a lot of empties! I love the Batiste Pixie Lott Fun & Floral Dry Shampoo, smells so good! Great post :)

    Frankie x

  3. Great post, i love the St Ives scrub, it's such a great exfoliator :)

    Love, Ana



  4. I like how you cut open the tube to get every last drop out! Works :)

  5. Wow, that's like what I get through in a year ;) (I am notoriously bad at starting a product and then forgetting about it)! I like the look of the Naked haircare range, I've seen it around and I've been wanting to pick something up, I might get the Body-Building shampoo if you say it's good. Sarah xo

  6. Youve gotten through loads this month - its always a nice excuse to buy more ;)

  7. That's an impressive amount of empties! I've gone through a few of those Naked shampoo and conditioners this past couple of months too - I still can't decide if I'm impressed with them or not :/



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