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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

NOTD: 'Kimono'

I've had this polish for quite a while now, we're talking at least a couple of years, yet I've never featured it properly on this little blog - though I do recall mentioning it in an 'Autumn polish picks' post at some point!? 'Kimono' Nail Pop by Look Beauty is a lovely duochrome shade which switches between green and a bronze/gold colour, depending on the light. As I recall, I ordered it after seeing it mentioned as a dupe for Chanel's 'Peridot', which I don't own and have never seen on the nails in person, but looking at swatches online I have to agree there is a strong resemblance. Chanel aside, 'Kimono' applied really nicely, it went on very smoothly and I could easily have got away with one coat, though the photos below show two over a base of OPI's Nail Envy, as always. I've had several compliments whilst wearing this polish and have really enjoyed how it looks on my nails. I still think it's a perfect Autumn shade but it's still really pretty for Spring and, let's be honest, the weather at the moment is more Autumnal than anything else - if I see much more rain I'll cry!
NOTD Look Beauty Kimono Nail Pop
NOTD Look Beauty Nail Pop 'Kimono'
'Kimono' is available from Superdrug, priced at £3.79 for 10ml of polish. What do you think of 'Kimono'? Do you own 'Peridot'? Are you happy to settle for cheaper dupes, or do you have to have the "real thing"?



  1. I adore the nail polish shade, it's gorgeous! I've heard of Look Beauty before, but just never seemed to pick up any products before, I think that'll change now! ;) Great post :)

    Frankie x

    Curiouser and Curiouser

  2. This is stunning shade!

  3. Ooh lovely, I love those nail polishes that change colours :). I don't mind buying cheaper dupes at all. Most of the high end polishes that I have, have been gifts. I tend to buy Barry M a lot :).

    Gem x

  4. Ooh what an interesting colour! There are lots of things where I don't mind settling for the cheaper dupes, like nail polish. But with a lot of things now I find myself preferring to invest in slightly more expensive things!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. I have this polish and am more than happy to wear it over a chanel one! :)

  6. love the colour I have to get this polish now!



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