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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review: W7 City Slicker Eye Make-Up Remover*

I was recently sent a few W7 bits and pieces to try out, one of which was their City Slicker Eye Make-Up Remover*; I wasn't even aware W7 did any skincare products so I was pretty keen to see how this would fare in terms of removing tough waterproof mascara without stinging my sensitive eyes! The packaging of this product is very basic; a clear plastic bottle with a white screw cap, and very minimal details printed on the label: "Shake well before use. Apply eye make-up remover to cotton wool. Removes all eye make-up including waterproof products." So, er, that didn't give me much in the way of expectations!
W7 City Slicker Eye Makeup Remover
[Ingredients: Aqua, Isohexadecane, Cyclopentasiloxane/Cyclohexasiloxane,
Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA.
May contain: CI 61565, CI 42090 (FD&C Blue 1).]
The product itself is a bright blue in colour, consisting of a oil/water mix which combines when you shake the bottle prior to using. I've been soaking a cotton pad with the liquid, pressing against my eye for 10-15 seconds, then wiping away before repeating on the other eye. I've found that it easily removes all traces of eyeshadow, and the majority of my mascara is also removed; I'm currently alternating between Benefit's They're Real!, which is notoriously difficult to removed, and a waterproof Max Factor mascara, which is removed almost completely by this product. Any last traces are easily removed with my regular cleanser. I do find that City Slicker leaves a slightly oily feeling to my eye area, but again once I've cleansed my face properly this is no longer a problem. I haven't found it to irritate my eyes or sting at all, which is an obvious bonus!
I've really struggled to find stockists of this product, although I have found it on eBay and on Amazon at £3.99 for 140ml; at that price I think it's pretty good value as this size bottle will last me around two months, but I don't see myself going to the hassle of re-ordering it when it's no better than the Garnier product I was using previously, which is much easier to find! It's by no means a bad product, it just isn't readily available enough for me to continue using it.
Have you tried W7's Eye Make-Up Remover? Did you know the brand offered skincare products? What are your thoughts on using budget brands like this on an area as delicate as the eyes?

[*This product was provided for review purposes; as always, all thoughts are 100% my own.]


  1. This sounds like an interesting product, if it can get the majority of They're Real! off then I'd say you're on to a winner!

  2. This sounds nice...I find it so hard to get my eye makeup off with makeup removers, that I use cleansing oil before and then go in with regular makeup remover to get off what cleanser didn't remove.

    1. Cleansing oil is pretty good for removing eye makeup! This is just specifically designed for the job so I guess you don't have to worry so much about it stinging etc. :) xo

  3. That's such a good price for the amount of product you get :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. Ohh this products sounds great and is so reasonable too! Lately i have found removing my makeup such a chore lately, so any product that can help me remove my makeup quicker and a lot smoothly is one i would like to give a try :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  5. I love W7 products.. they're always such amazing quality. I ordered a load of their products the other day, I can't wait to try them xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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