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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Six Mini Reviews #6: Nivea, Nip + Fab, Benefit & More...

I am back once again with another installment of my mission to use up my collection of product samples! Some of these I've had for longer than I care to mention, so I'm definitely pleased with myself for finally getting them used up and clearing out a bit of space. Read on to see how I got on with this bunch of miniature tubs, tubes and sachets!
Six Mini Reviews Nip + Fab Benefit Nivea B. Dove
Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner I don't have coloured hair but I'd been hanging onto this for months and in the end decided I may as well just use it up. This smells absolutely gorgeous and I quite enjoyed the swirled-together pink and white colour of the conditioner, which left my hair feeling soft and smelling lovely. I wouldn't repurchase as I don't have coloured hair but I'd be tempted to try other products from the range if it wasn't for the fact that Dimethicone features so highly on the ingredients list; it's bad for your hair and clogs my pores up something chronic! This is reasonably priced at £2.69 for 200ml.
B. Active Day Cream SPF 15 This came as part of a Gift-With-Purchase set and I really enjoyed using it; it didn't have any particular scent but did a lovely job of hydrating my skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. The fact it contains SPF is a definite bonus, too, as I always forget to apply mine... I don't think I'd repurchase this, though, purely because I don't think it was quite right for my skin type. I really struggle to find moisturisers which suit my super-oily skin! The full-size 50ml is £5.97.
B. Radiant Rejuvenating Serum After my previous experiences with B., I expected good things from this serum but I found it left me feeling a little.. Blah. It just didn't seem to do anything for my skin, and the inclusion of silicones put me off further. This one isn't for me I'm afraid! Full price is £6.97 for 30ml.
Benefit The Porefessional This isn't my first little sample of The Porefessional and I have in fact done a more in-depth review in the past, but it's a sample and I've finished it so I'll damn well include it! The more I use this, the more I become convinced it just isn't for me. I want to love it but I just can't! It feels greasy on my skin, does very little to keep my face looking matte, and seems to encourage my make-up to slide off even more quickly than it does with no primer at all - overall, this really isn't a winner for me which is a shame as I know so many people swear by it. I have another sample, which I'll use, but I wouldn't purchase the full-size, which is £24.50 for 22ml.
Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream Yes, another day cream sample. I really liked this one; despite being aimed at perhaps more dry skin, I found it sank into my skin quickly and left it mattified and soft. It contains SPF 15, and I found that makeup applied really nicely over it, too. I'd consider giving the full-sized version of this a go! This is a bargain at £2.99 for 50ml.
Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Dry Skin Fix Body Butter Well this was just a massive disappointment! The scent was nothing like what I hoped, it didn't really smell of coconuts to me at all. On top of that, contrary to its "dry skin fix" claims, this dried my skin out horribly; I put that down to the Paraffinum Liquidum it contains, and I won't be buying the full size(£8.49 for 200ml)! This has really put me off Nip + Fab actually, I've not tried any of their other products and this has left me not really wanting to.
Have you tried any of these products? Ever tried a product with big claims been left disappointed?



  1. Shame about that body butter - stick to almond tbs ;) I'm glad it's not just me who doesn't get on with The Porefessional x

  2. I have a sample of the Porefessional, haven't gotten round to using it yet, if it doesn't work for me at least I'll know I'm not the only one it doesn't work for! Great post :) xx


  3. Aww this is such a good blog post, I need to start using up some more of my mini products! :)
    I love my Porefessional!


  4. Great post! I have been been thinking about purchasing Benefit The Porefessional, but after reading your thoughts I´m not so sure anymore.

  5. I love how you cut open the tubes! I should start doing this as well to avoid wasting products ^^

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay


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