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Friday, 8 August 2014

Keeping Girls Warm this Autumn*

At an age when fashion counts for a lot, keeping girls warm as well as trendy can be a difficult feat – especially when they get to an age where they want to do all of their shopping themselves (or at least have a say in what you buy). But, even with teenagers, you'll probably still want to have a say in what they wear. You're likely to see plenty of girls hanging out with their friends not wearing jackets – you will probably have been one of those girls, once – but if you stock your kids' wardrobes with trendy jumpers, cardigans and jackets, they'll happily cover up and stay warm on cold days, without the need for nagging from mum! So, what should you buy to keep them warm this autumn?
At Home
When you're lounging about at home, it doesn't really matter what you wear - after all, nobody is going to see you! However, young girls may think differently, especially if they're a lover of fashion. Whether they're heading out to see their friends or they're relaxing at home, something to keep them warm will be crucial (plus, it'll help to keep your bills low if they layer up rather than turning up the thermostat!).
Take a look at the jumpers range at George at ASDA; jumpers and cardigans are a great addition to any girl's wardrobe, come rain or shine!
Jumpers for Girls from George at Asda

At School
The back to school preparations will soon be setting in and while you may be able to get a few weeks wear out of their summer dresses, they will also need some new autumn-friendly uniform. A school jumper or cardigan, or two, are recommended, as is a coat or jacket that they can wear on cold days. Make sure that you add their name to every item that they take to school, so that you don't have to rummage through the lost property every time they mislay something.
Out and About
Add a jacket to their jumpers for when they're out and about. Whether it's a cute little biker, bomber or blazer or something more padded will depend on just how cold it is. A winter coat, as well as a jacket or two, would be ideal additions to any girl's wardrobe. As the winter sets in, the need for a hat, scarf and gloves will become apparent, too!
At Night
It's been beautifully warm lately, and the nights have been incredibly humid. The need to stay warm during the dark hours hasn't been high on the agenda, but it soon will be. As the autumn approaches, the need for nightwear will become apparent. Whether it's a onesie, some funky pyjamas or a nightie, something to sleep in will be essential. A dressing gown is also handy to have, particularly on chilly nights. And some slippers! Don't forget the slippers!
We've enjoyed a heatwave lately, and while the majority of us will be more than happy for this to continue, we're also realistic. The weather will soon change and the cold front will set in – when it does, make sure the girls in your life are ready for it with plenty of warm clothes that they'll be happy to wear this autumn.
How will you be keeping your kids warm this Autumn? I know I never used to wear a coat or jacket for school, were you the same?

[*Please note this is a sponsored post.]
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  1. I can't wait when fall gets here! I'm eager to wear sweaters :) I'm already knitting one lol Great post!

    Pink Frenzy

  2. I;m sure my lass would love the 1D jumper!

  3. very cute :) love the minnie mouse one



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