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Sunday, 14 September 2014

NOTD: Pink Sprinkle

NOTD Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle
I picked up Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat nail polish in 230 'Pink Sprinkle' from Poundland earlier in the week and, since I have three days off over the weekend, thought I'd give it a whirl on my nails. The bottle suggests two thin coats but I ended up going for three to gain a little bit more opacity; the nail line is still visible if you look closely, but much less so than with just two coats. I haven't used a base coat (naughty!) and skipped top coat so as not to lose the lovely gritty textured finish. 'Pink Sprinkle' is a warm hot pink with different sized glitters and a textured finish.
NOTD Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle Sugar Coat
I love the way this looks (and feels!) on my nails, and am happy to say this is another Poundland bargain! Have you ever bought nail polish or other make-up from pound shops? Are you a fan of the textured nail trend, or are you over it?



  1. I tried a polish with this effect and I am not really sure if I like it or not. this looks like a nice color!


  2. This looks gorgeous! The shade is really pretty. x


  3. You picked that up in Poundland? What a bargain, It looks lovely! x


  4. That looks so gorgeous! love the effect! x

  5. WOW it's gorgeous! Love the texture and the color is so girly x

  6. I have always been interested in trying one of these texture nail polishes but don't like the idea of having rough nails! I love this colour though!

  7. I love textured polish. I've been really into the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes, but I haven't tried the sugar coat ones.

  8. I'm not a massive fan of the textured nails generally but this is a fun colour :)

  9. This is gorgeous! I really like sally hansen, it's nice to see some review on the brand x


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