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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Review | Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy*

Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy
I was kindly sent a bottle of Alchemy's Grapefruit Hair Remedy* to trial and review. My hair is almost waist-length so, although I have an oily scalp, I really struggle with the lengths and ends becoming dry, brittle and damaged, despite rarely using heat on my hair. I'm always looking for ways to nourish my hair and help prevent it from splitting and breaking, keeping it looking as healthy as possible!
Alchemy Hair Oil Review
"A nourishing blend of five oils to improve the condition of and strengthen your hair from within."
Alchemy's Grapefruit Hair Remedy is a blend of five oils and nothing else - no silicons, sulphates or parabens, all ingredients I do my best to avoid, which is a good start as far as I'm concerned. The oils used, and their properties, are as follows:
• Grapefruit Essential Oil cleanses the scalp and hair, removing product build-up, as well as lending a lovely citrussy scent to the product. It also stimulates hair follicles to increase hair's growth rate and treat dandruff.
• Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the hair shaft to strengthen, whilst also protecting from pollution and heat. Coconut oil is also good for reducing dandruff.
• Avocado oil improves hair's ability to retain moisture, as well as unclogging blocked hair follicles.
• Almond oil smoothes the hair cuticle, and also improves circulation to the scalp, leading to reduced inflammation and improved growth rates.
• Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties to improve scalp health. It also locks moisture into the hair and promotes growth.
So, all in all, an impressive list of ingredients which seem to combine to give the perfect hair treatment!
Alchemy Oil Label
I really like the packaging, with the bottle looking lovely on my shelf and the label giving plenty of information and detailed usage directions for both wet and dry hair, which is always useful. The only thing I'm not so sure on is the stopper, which I don't think is secure enough for me to feel confident travelling with the bottle; however, you could always decant a little to take away with you, as there's definitely no need to take the full-sized 100ml bottle! The oil has a lovely citrussy scent with undertones of something else, which I really like. I find the oil is similar to olive oil in texture, making it easy to pour from the bottle into the palm of your hand for application, though you need to be careful to avoid pouring too much!
Alchemy Oil
I've tried this on both dry and wet hair, as suggested by the label. On dry hair, I massaged into the scalp and through the lengths of my hair and left it to soak for around half an hour before washing and conditioning my hair as usual. My thick hair meant this took quite a lot of oil, meaning the bottle would be used up pretty quickly. I have a naturally oily scalp so for me, I feel like this is overkill; my hair was left feeling quite lank and weighed down, despite shampooing twice. On damp hair combed through after washing, however, a little of the oil goes a long way, leaving the hair feeling silky-soft and smelling gorgeous. Used this way it seems to work well with my hair and this bottle will last an absolute age!
Overall, Alchemy's Grapefruit Hair Remedy seems to be a product that will suit all hair types, used as a pre-wash treatment on drier scalps and hairs, or as a post-wash leave-in treatment on oilier hair. Alchemy's Grapefruit Hair Remedy is priced at £17.99 for 100ml, a really generously-sized bottle which I see lasting me a long time! What's your favourite hair oil? Have you tried Alchemy's?

[*Please note this product was provided for review purposes; as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.]


  1. I have the same issues with my hair. Oily roots and dry ends and whilst I find some oils really useful, some really do weight my hair down and make it feel worse x

  2. Great review :)
    I'm using hair oils a lot.. Totally love them!!

  3. I only use Moroccan oils to soften my hair ^^ I have pretty good condition hair so I don't really fuss with my hair. I used to have really greasy oily hair when I was in high school thou, not sure what changed, I can go three days without washing my hair these days and it doesn't turn eeky.

  4. I bet this makes your hair smell amazing!

  5. This sounds amazing that it's a blend of oils. I need something like this! xx


  6. Lovely review! I like to use hair oil on the ends of my hair when its still wet.

    Pink Frenzy

  7. ooh I've not heard of this before, but I love the bottle and it sounds great!

  8. I'm all about anything that is for the hair so this sounds great! x


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