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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review: Dr Organic+ Olive Oil Body Scrub

I recently picked up the Dr Organic+ Olive Oil Body Scrub (along with the Rose Otto Shampoo which I've previously reviewed) and have been enjoying having a good ol' scrub in my shower of a morning for a couple of weeks now; it's been a while since I've used a body scrub, having been depending on my exfoliating gloves and body wash, so it's made a nice change to add another product into the mix.
Dr Organic Olive Oil Body Scrub Review
"A super-hydrating body scrub with micro particles of pure volcanic lava. • Exfoliating. • Energising. • Hydrating. • Bioactive Organic Virgin Olive Oil is an intensely nutritious and moisturising fruit oil, rich in Oleic acid, a powerful antioxidant. We blend this organic fruit oil with a proprietary selection of highly moisturising, nourishing and replenishing bioactive, natural and organic ingredients. This hydrating body scrub combines natural micro particles of volcanic lava to gently but efficiently remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation deep into the capillaries, giving the body an instant re-energised lift, leaving the skin beautifully hydrated, silky smooth and bursting with vitality."
Dr Organic Olive Scrub
The squeezy tube with flip cap is easy to use even with wet hands in the shower, and the thick creamy scrub squeezes out easily enough; there are fewer scrubby particles than I'm maybe used to in a scrub, with a thick creamy base, meaning it lathers up nicely when massaged into damp skin with the hands. I've been using a grape-sized blob for each leg and around the same for both arms, so the 200ml tube should last fairly well.
Dr Organic Olive Scrub Review
The exfoliating particles do just enough to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, without causing irritation or soreness; I do like quite a harsh scrub and whilst this isn't one of those, I can definitely feel that it's worked after use. There's no real scent to the product and it doesn't leave any kind of film or residue on the skin after use, so it shouldn't interfere with any other products you wish to apply afterwards.
Dr Organic Olive Oil Scrub
Overall, I've really been enjoying this as an added step in my routine and whilst I don't feel it's an essential product, it's definitely nice to have! I can certainly see myself buying this again, maybe in one of the other variants Dr Organic+ has to offer. Dr Organic+ Olive Oil Body Scrub is available from Holland & Barrett's, priced at £6.39 for 200ml of product. Have you tried Dr Organic+ scrubs? What's your favourite way to exfoliate your body?



  1. I love Dr Organic, so I am sure I would love this too. I also like a harsh body scrub though this sounds as though it does a good job x

  2. Haven't tried this brand before, I usually go for body shop scrubs I love my scrubs to smell.


  3. I have not tried anything from this brand before but olive body scrubs are my favorite.

  4. I am looking for a new scrub. May have to give this a go!


  5. I have heard of this brand but never tried it before. This looks nice, I love body scrubs not gonna lie haha


  6. Olive oil has great benefits for skin :)

  7. I haven't tried anything from this brand, but this scrub sounds great. I like that its with olive oil! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  8. Hmmm sounds like an amazing product to try ^^

  9. I've never tried anything from this brand but sure I have some little samples and bits lying around I should dig out!

  10. no, i havet tried anything yet may be sometime soon :)

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  11. This is such a great price, although I'm not a fan of body scrubs, I tend to just use an exfoilating glove but this does sound great x

  12. I'm currently using my ren sugar scrub and am looking for an cheaper alternative when it runs out soon! will check this out :)


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