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Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Make-up Clearout

I'm having a little bit of a make-up clearout today. You know those products that you keep telling yourself you'll finish up one day, even though you know full well that they really don't work for you and you wouldn't use them in a month of Sundays? Yeah, those. They're going! These are just a few bits and pieces I've been holding onto, intending to finish them off, but I'm finally accepting that that's not going to happen and clearing a bit of space - throwing things away is so therapeutic! I feel so wasteful throwing things away unfinished, but I know I won't use them so I'd rather have the space.
A Makeup Clearout
No7 Shine Free Primer I bought this not long after I started blogging so I must have had it around three years now; it's definitely past its best and I've not even used half because, quite frankly, it doesn't do what it claims. My skin is super oily so I really do need a primer that keeps shine at bay and this just isn't it. On top of that, it has a distinct smell of PVA glue...
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara I've tried and tried to love this but the formula just doesn't suit me - I've never had problems with a mascara flaking until this one, and I hate the brush. I find it really difficult to work with and no matter how careful I try to be, I end up with blobs of mascara everywhere. It's also an absolute nightmare to remove, like, worse than They're Real!
MUA Primer I seem to remember writing quite a good review of this product a couple of years ago and I honestly can't imagine why now; I don't think it's actually available to buy anymore but honestly, this does nothing for me. It doesn't make my foundation apply more smoothly, last longer, or stay-shine free, which are the three things I look for in primer. I've had this at least a couple of years as well, so it's time to get rid!
17 Miracle Matte Skin Primer It's probably beginning to become clear how much of a primer hoarder I am! I didn't get on with this from the word go, it doesn't seem to set on my skin, instead kind of rolling up and peeling off as soon as I try to blend foundation over it, which is never a good look. It makes foundation pool in my pores really badly, and I swear it makes my make-up run more than it does with no primer at all. I was really disappointed with this and I honestly don't know why I've kept it as long as I have!

So, with a little bit more space in my make-up collection, is that an excuse for a shopping trip!? I'm actually trying to use up a few more products before I buy any new ones as I'm realising recently just how ridiculous my collection has become... Are you in the habit of throwing away old make-up, or are you like me and hang onto things telling yourself you'll use them, one day? Have you tried any of these products?



  1. I agree, it is so so therapeutic to have a good old chuck, I love doing it and I am a hoarder x

  2. hahahaah from a fellow primer hoarder, I feel you!!! a good primer is hard to find! well done on your clear out!!

  3. Always good to make room for new products hehe xxx

  4. It's so nice parting with things that don't get used, always nice to make room for new things <3

  5. I like to hang on to my makeup as well! I do it as long as it doesn't smell bad, if its smells bad I'll though it out...

    Pink Frenzy

  6. There is nothing like a good clear out, it is something I definitely need to do with all my old aftershave bottles!

  7. i need to do this with my makeup and skincare!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. if you want to, enter my christmas giveaway to win £660+ worth of beauty products! click here.

  8. I made myself start this yesterday, I threw away a mascara and then decided I needed to consider this properly. It's a job for next weekend.
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing

  9. I just did a makeup clear-out last week but instead of throwing them, I gave them to my aunts :)

  10. I so need to do the same thing! I have quite a collection and I know a few things need to go in the trash. LOL


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