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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pastel Polka Hearts Phone Case*

I was recently offered a phone case by Mobile Madhouse, and given how ridiculously clumsy I am, it seemed like a good idea to accept the offer! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, so I had a scroll through the selection on their site and eventually settled on this super-cute pastel polka hearts design*; I was sorely tempted by a couple of their more festive offerings but decided I'd get more use from something less season-specific! I received the case within a couple of days, and it was really easy to use - it literally just snaps onto the back of my phone, leaving it feeling much safer and more secure in my clumsy hands! There are cut-outs for the camera and flash, speaker, and the buttons on the sides, so it doesn't get in the way of using my phone easily. The printing of the design is good quality, the case feels secure on my phone and I'm confident it'll do a good job of keeping it safe for me.
Pastel Polka Hearts Phone Case
Mobile Madhouse Phone Case
Mobile Madhouse offer a pretty awesome range of phone cases and other accessories for a huge number of phone makes and models, so have a look and see if there's something for your phone! It's easy to search by brand, and there's also an option to create a personalised case by uploading a photo of your choice - which could make a really lovely Christmas gift for someone special if you get your skates on! I have the Caseflex Polka Hearts Pastel Case which is £9.99. Do you like to use a case on your phone? What sort of design do you prefer? Would you consider using a photo of your own on a case?

[*Product sent for review purposes. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.]


  1. I never use a phone case and then i dropped my phone this week resulting in a massive crack (thankfully on the back!) so I think I should invest!

  2. wow this is soooo cute... Recently I have been buying a lot of phone cases..all kinda plain, silicon and blingy from aliexpress. They are soooo affordable.. :)

  3. This is so gorgeous! I'm addicted to phone cases ( it's a terrible habit)

  4. Although I do not use a phone case, this one looks pretty cute. :)

  5. This looks super cute! <3 I wonder if they have the same case for Nexus phones....

    Pink Frenzy


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