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Friday, 23 January 2015

Say Hello to Minted.com*

I've recently been introduced to Minted.com*, a beautiful site offering stationery and art pieces from a global community of designers. From beautiful, customisable notebooks and stationery, save-the-date cards and invitations, right through to gorgeous, unique art prints which would be perfect for gifting, I'm pretty sure Minted have something to offer everyone!
The beautiful Folk Family Tree is available in three colourways on a choice of two paper types, framed or unframed, with prices starting from just $46 and increasing for bigger prints; I think this would be a lovely gift for parents or grandparents, as well as being a beautiful addition to a family home, perhaps as a house-warming gift to yourself (I'm all about treating yourself!).
There's a huge selection of art pieces available, from photography and abstract through to geometric prints and typography-based pieces, but the Love print and the Abstract Triangles both really stood out to me as pieces that would work beautifully into any home; again, they're both available framed or unframed and in a huge range of sizes to suit any space and budget.
I am also loving the look of the Maps & Landmarks collection, which features all the US states and a selection of other maps alongside landmarks such as bridges. You can choose to upload your own photos which are fitted to the shape of the map, but I particularly like these foil maps, with this UK foil map available in two sizes starting at just $32; I think the gold foil on the white background is just gorgeous and, again, would work perfectly in almost any home. Other collections include birthstones and constellations, both of which offer some beautiful, eye-catching pieces.
Finally, if you're planning a wedding or know someone who is, Minted could be perfect, offering a huge range of save the date cards and wedding invitations in some stunning designs, which are obviously fully customisable to your own details! I adore this Garden Lights Save The Date Postcard, which is available in quantities starting from 25 for $47, getting cheaper the more you order!
I'd really recommend having a little browse of Minted if you're looking for unusual gifts, something to brighten up your home, or any kind of stationery! There really are some beautiful pieces on offer and I know I'll be coming back to the site time and again in future. Have any of these pieces caught your eye? Is this the sort of thing you'd like to give (or receive!) as a gift?

[*Please note I have been offered store credit in return for this post. This doesn't affect my opinions in any way and all words are my own; I wouldn't be interested in the store credit if I didn't like the products, now, would I!?]


  1. Oh such a great website! I love stationery and maps so I'll definitely take a look!

  2. Woah these are such beautiful pieces!!

  3. this sounds like my heaven! i love everything in this post. anything creative, i adore

  4. Having had a look at minted, my wishlist is massive! x

  5. I have just posted about this website also, they have lovely pictures online.


  6. oh wow! They sound like they have something for everyone! I will def take a look at the site.

  7. I see someone else write about minted.com recently and developed a bit of a wishlist since! x

  8. I love Minted! It's so hard to go on there and not want everything.

  9. Love this company, I got some holiday cards done through them this year - great quality!

  10. I'm going to have to check the site out, I have a weakness for beautiful stationary!


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