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Friday, 20 February 2015

Review: Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray*

I was recently sent a bottle of Ted Baker's Lyla*, the newest addition to the brand's Sweet Treats range of purse sprays. Lyla is described as follows: "Quietly confident with an enchanting elegance, Lyla turns heads. Glamorous from head to toe and perfectly polished at all times, she is the girl everyone wants to be". The top notes include bergamot, grapefruit and peach, with floral mid-notes of rose and jasmine, and a base of vanilla, sandalwood, amber and musk.
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray 1
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray 2
The perfume is presented in a white box with rose gold detailing, which would make it perfect for gifting. The bottle within matches the others in the range and has fit in nicely next to Mia in my collection, with its frosted white finish and faceted glass detail on the lid, which sparkles prettily when it catches the light. You'll have to excuse the fact that there is no light at the moment for me to capture this...
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray 3
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray 4
The scent itself is quite sweet and girly, with the fruity notes being the ones that stand out; it's exactly the sort of thing I'd choose for myself, although unfortunately I've found that it doesn't wear particularly well, lasting three-four hours before it needs a top-up. I guess that's why it comes in such a dinky, transportable bottle! If you're the type of person who re-sprays their perfume anyway then this won't be a problem, but for me it has put me off a little; I like my scent to last all day once it's on.
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray 5
Overall, whilst Lyla is a pretty scent and a nice addition to the range, its lack of longevity mean it hasn't become a favourite for me. Lyla is priced at £15 for 10ml of product and is available exclusively from Ted Baker stores at the moment, launching into Boots in June. I think this would be lovely to have in your bag whilst out and about, or it would make a gorgeous gift for a younger teenager who mightn't want to be wearing heavy scents. Have you tried any Ted Baker scents? Do you like the sound of Lyla? Do you like to re-apply your perfume through the day, or prefer to spray in the morning and be done with it, like me?

[*Sample provided for consideration.]


  1. That's a lovely purse spray and perfect for your bag


  2. The packaging looks cute, haven't smelt any of the Ted Bakers perfumes.


  3. i love the packaging! i get lazy to reapply perfumes and don't fancy carrying it around with me

  4. OOh this bottle looks so pretty and would be a lovely one to pull out of my handbag. Sucks that its not very long lasting but the bottle is cute so I'd be happy to carry it around with me :) xxxx

  5. I've got my eye on the Polly scent from Ted Baker! Hope it has better staying power than this one. xxx

  6. It sounds lovely, and fits in really well with your other perfumes!

    Frankie x

  7. I am in awe of the packing, the bottles look incredible! xxx

  8. I tend not to reapply perfume during the day but mainly because I'm lazy and never carry it with me! This does sound lovely though, and not too hard to throw in a bag!

  9. Ooh I'd love to try this out! I have Mia which is lovely xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  10. i left Ted Baker but never tried their perfume. I would love to get one of these !

  11. I have this and am yet to see what it smells like, if it is as good as other Ted Baker sprays I would be chuffed x

  12. We are huge Ted Baker fans, both the aftershaves and perfumes we have tried have been amazing!


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